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3 Presentation Outline What is Stress? What is effective Procurement Management Symptoms of stress General causes of stress Types of stress Causes of stress in procurement How to avoid stress in procurement Overcoming stress in procurement Ability to tolerance stress Conclusion

4 What is stress? A feeling you get when you have to handle more than you are used to. Physical response to events that make one feel threatened or upset. Our body's way of responding to any kind of demand. Stress can come from both good and bad experiences, it is normal up to a certain level.

5 What is Effective Procurement? Implementing procurement best practices which establish the mission, vision and the knowledge needed to successfully manage the process and methods required to attain world class performance in procurement. There is need for continuous improvement in order to perfect the act.

6 Symptoms of stress Moody neglecting responsibilities. Poor performance Inability to concentrate Short temper, fighting Loneliness, less sleep Loss of appetite or gaining it Increased alcohol consumption smoking Aches, running tummy Nervousness [pacing]

7 What causes stress? Anything that puts high demand on you External factors Work Finance Health Marriage Children and family Studying Internal Factors Perfectionism Lack of assertiveness[ yes] Peer pressure Negative self talk Setting unrealistic goals Pessimism

8 Types of stress 1. Survival: Fight or fright 2. Internal: helplessness 3. Environment: noise, work pressure, family 4. Fatigue and overwork: Very dangerous and builds over time

9 Causes of Stress in Procurement There are two Internal External Control the internal factors Manage the external factors

10 Internal Causes of Stress in Procurement Many documents and forms Bid and performance securities Late evaluations and negotiations Risk of stock outs Corruption and influence peddling Slow/ uncooperative employees [Support departments’ speed of work] Poor management of procurement issues by end users Uncooperative Contract Managers

11 Internals Causes Risk of expiry of bids and revalidation Risk of Administrative Reviews Pressure from relatives and friends Pressure from Supervisors at work. Late payments to suppliers

12 External Causes of Stress in Procurement Pressure from Providers/suppliers Many PPDA reports Tedious Proc. Performance Measuring System Contract Committees reluctance to meet Accounting Officers who meddle in procurement procedures Presentations to Board of Directors Reporting structure that is not supportive Influence peddlers who want to overturn approvals

13 How to avoid stress in a procurement environment Computerise the procurement flow of documents Plan and start early for big procurements Have a specifications manual for common user items Have a TOR template and circulate it to end users Train all stake holders

14 Avoiding stress cont’d Engage in framework contracts Acquaint yourself with the intricacies of your total supply chain Communicate effectively with all participants in the procurement process and in writing Be ethical, transparent and professional

15 Avoiding stress cont’d Follow the law and let it guide your stand Benchmark with leading PDUs Put in extra time in your work Be proactive and preempt situtaions Live one day at a time Avoid fraud

16 Avoiding stress cont’d Follow up with SG, CC and other approval levels Carry our pre-bid meetings Deal with manufacturers where possible Encourage team work

17 Avoiding stress cont’d Avoid peer pressure Read thru documents Be assertive Set your upper and lower limits Acquaint yourself with the world calendar e.g. know summer,Christmas in Europe and fasting in Arab countries.

18 18 How to overcome stress in Procurement Self help: work without play Self management : delegate do not handover Be assertive: not a yes man Eat: do not avoid or dodge meals especially lunch

19 Overcoming stress in procurement Seek professional guidance Share the stressing issues with Supervisors, friends and family. Relax: Take leave/ holiday Medication: should not arise

20 Ability to tolerance stress Strong support of your colleagues Encouragements and support from supervisors. Self control Attitude towards work Ability to deal with emotions You knowledge and the level of your preparedness

21 Conclusion Stress and procurement are inseparable but we should endeavor to mitigate factors causing it. Peck at what you can swallow Run away - kickdown

22 Thank you for your attention and God bless you all

23 Stressed

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