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How much stress is too much? Leslie Rios 2 nd period `

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1 How much stress is too much? Leslie Rios 2 nd period `

2 What is stress?  Stress is a physical response that make you feel threatened or upsets your balance. Stress isn’t always bad, it helps you perform your best by motivating you. It is like an emergency mood because it keeps you alert on certain situations. Stress is what keeps you focused, and energetic. However, passing a certain point of stress causes a major damage to your health. When you start running on emergency mood due to stress, your body pays the price. Article: stress symptoms, signs and causes

3 Signs and symptoms of stress  There’s so many signs and symp under stress. For example, Emotional symptoms: - Moodiness - irritability or short temper - Feeling overwhelmed - Depression or general unhappiness - Sense of loneliness and isolation toms that help you realize you’re Physical symptoms: - Aches and pains - Nausea, dizziness - Diarrhea or constipation - Chest pain; rapid heartbeat

4 continuation  Cognitive symptoms: - Memory problems - Seeing only negative - Inability to concentrate - Anxious or racing thoughts - Poor judgment - Constant worrying  Behavior symptoms: - Eating more or less - Sleeping too much or too little - Isolating yourself from others - Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities - Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax - Nervous habits - article: stress, symptoms and signs

5 Causes  There is three main types of cause overload.  Routine stress related to pressure of work, family and other daily responsibilities  Stress brought to you by a sudden negative change, such as losing a job, divorce, or illness  Traumatic stress, experienced in an event like a major accident, war, assault, or a natural disaster where one may be seriously hurt or in danger of being killed. Article: fact sheet on stress

6 How does stress effect the body?  All animals have a stress response that can be life-saving in same situations. When you face a dangerous situation, your pulse quickens, you breathe faster, your muscles tense, your brain uses more oxygen and increases activity. All of these are functions for survival. Although, all of this could be good, having too much makes your immunity lowered and your digestive reproductive system stop working normally. You may also have headaches, sleeplessness, depressed mode, anger and irritability. Article: fact sheets on stress

7 How do people respond to stress?  A good analogy that describes how people respond to stress is a driving analogy.  Foot on gas- an angry agitated or “fight” stress response  Meaning: you’re heated, keyed up, overly emotional and unable to sit still  Foot on brake- a withdrawn, depressed, or “flight” stress response  Meaning: you shut down, pull away, space out, and show very little energy or emotion  Foot on both- a tense or “freeze” stress response  meaning: becoming frozen under pressure and cant do anything, looking paralyzed. Article: stress, symptoms and signs

8 How to manage stress  Remember to avoid the four :  Avoid unnecessary stress. Try to avoid stress by saying no once in a while. Distinguish on “should” and “musts”.  Alter the situation. Be more asserted and deal with the problem. Instead of bolting up your feelings and increasing your stress, let others know and be willing to compromise  Adapt to the stressor. When you cant change the problem, try changing yourself and focus on the positive things. Always see the big picture.  Accept the things you cant change. There will always be things in life you cant change, so learn to accept them rather than stress yourself out over them. Lean to accept that no one is ever perfect.

9 Works sited  Article 1 title: psychology today author: manty nerriko publisher: Sussex publishers year published: 1191- 2014 Article 2 title: Help Guide name: Stress symptoms, signs, and causes Article 3: title: national institute of mental health name: fact sheet on stress publisher: science writing press and pissemenition branch

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