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The Last Dragon By: Aliya R.. What we had to do! Our class had to make Wikistastic book reviews. They were due this Thursday. Our reports had to include.

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1 The Last Dragon By: Aliya R.

2 What we had to do! Our class had to make Wikistastic book reviews. They were due this Thursday. Our reports had to include the characters, the settings, the main problem, the solution and an extra slide that compares the realistic things from our first book we read and fantasy things from the last book we read!

3 Characters Yorshkrunsquarkljolnerstrink- Everyone calls him Yorsh because its his short name. He is the main character. He is an elf. He lost both of his parents and is unfortunately the last elf and the last person in his family but he gets married to Robi! Sarja- Sarja is a human. Both of her parents were hung. She carries around 2 items her parents left her before they were sent to death. She is Yorsh’s savior. She marries and has a kid with Monser. Monser- Monser is a hunter. His parents were taken away one day and he never saw them again. He marries Sarja and has a kid with her. The kid’s name is Robi. Sarja and Monser help Yorsh on his journeys. Monser’s gun used to be his fathers

4 Characters Continued Embrow- The Last Dragon that Yorsh saves. He is old and is not actually the LAST dragon! Robi- The daughter of Monser and Sarja! Fido- Fido is Sarja’s dog! Embrow’s baby- He is the last dragon. He helps Yorsh on his journey.

5 The Main Settings Yorsh’s elf camp The forest Daligar The hunter’s hut Robi’s Orphanage Daligar’s Dungeon Embrow’s library

6 Problem Yorsh and Embrow (the last dragon) must for fill the prophecy. If they don’t the earth will be under water with no sun at all! Embrow dies and Yorsh needs her baby to for fill the prophecy instead. The humans do not like elfs because they are more powerful than them! So Yorsh as to watch is back and make sure to not give his identity away.

7 Solution The actual last dragon (Embrow's baby) and Yorsh must find Robi. Yorsh must marry her and break the circle. In the prophecy it says the last elf must marry a name meaning. The rest was faded away. The prophecy was written in the language of the second ruin dynasty. Yorsh and Embrow’s baby don’y break the circle. They had to stop the world from flooding by closing up a crater that let steam into the library though the door and make it rain. They also stoped bad things from happening! Like killing things that didn’t deserve to die. They destroyed the age of darkness. Yorsh makes sure no one figures out he’s an elf by wearing a a hoodie with a cape. It covers his ears and boney face!

8 Comparing Realistic Humans Guns Castles Huts Animals Weapons Clothes Fire Library Books Craters Prophecy Deaths Dungeons Hanging Fantasy Elves Iron balls carrying fire Powers Dragons Trolls 10 ft tall men

9 Summary When Yorsh was born he lost his mom when she was delivering him. His dad had died before he was born. His father was hung by humans! His Grandmother was the last one left in his family but sadly she drowns in the elf camp by a flood. He luckily left before the flood. In the forest he met Sarja and her dog (who later on in the book gets named by Yorsh!). Sarja takes Yorsh to a little hut where a hunter lives! The hunter is not there. She takes him there for food. In the morning they leave and start there journey. They set for Daligar. On there way they meet Monser, a friendly hunter.

10 Summary When they meet Monser they set of for Daligar together. On there way they take many breaks. On one break they discover Yorsh’s wonderful powers! When they went to Daligar the guards arrested them for having an elf in the city. They were sentenced to death but they escaped. Yorsh’s powers helped to escape. On the way out of the ruins they discover the prophecy. It was on the wall written in second ruin dynasty language. When they are far enough they meet a troll and 2 huge humans. If it wasn’t for Yorsh’s charms they would have died! In the morning they were gone and they set of for safety. Fortunately they went the wrong way and ended up at “The Dragon Library”. Many Dragons used to roam the halls of the library but sadly only one is left.

11 Summary Yorsh decides to stay with it and live with it! Sarja, Monser and Fido leave and have a child. Later on they raise that child but they were sentenced to death! 13 years later Yorsh is 13 years old and So id Robi the daughter of Sarja and Monser. Robi dreams of a little man on a dragon flying in the air and one day her dream comes true. He does come on a dragon but not on Embrow. He is on his baby. Remember how I said that Yorsh has powers. Well he uses them to help Robi’s friend get her hand back. You see Robi lives in an Orphanage and this girl (Robi's friend), when her parents were put to death they tried to capture her but all they got was her hand.

12 Thanks! I hope you enjoy what I wrote about my book “The Last Dragon”! I hope you want to read it. It truly is an extraordinary book! It is my favorite and when you read it I guarantee it will be your favorite too!

13 Summary Anyways Yorsh repairs her hand and takes Robi. They fly off towards Daligar where the arrest of Yorsh is awaiting. When they get in town some how they remember him and put him in jail. Now it is up to Robi and Embrow’s baby to break the circle. What circle you ask. Really Yorsh misread it it really says the age of darkness. So all they have to do is block up the volcano with “The Rock”. Then after they save Yorsh and get married a few years later! They keep Embrow’s baby and live at the Orphanage (but the people who owned it died)!

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