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William Eldon O’Ree By Shannon.

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1 William Eldon O’Ree By Shannon

2 Willie O’Ree’s Childhood
Willie O’Ree was born October 15,1935,Fredericton,New Brunswick. He had a brother named Richard, who was a good athlete, his mother Rosebud and his father was a mechanic. He learned to skate at age 3 and played in a league at age 5. To learn to skate, his father would take the hose in the winter and spray the ground so he could skate.

3 Willie’s Family’s Life
Willie’s brother Richard was the older one of the two. His mother was a stay at home mom and his dad was a mechanic. Richard taught Willie how to play sports like baseball, hockey ect…Richard played lots of sports.

4 Willie’s Home Town Willie’s home town is Fredericton, New Brunswick. He doesn’t live there anymore but he still visits his friends there every once in a while. They named a rink after him and its called the Willie O’Ree place. Its is located in Fredericton.

5 Willie’s Career As Willie got older, he played in minor hockey. Then one day the Boston Bruins offered for him to come and replace an injured player. He played two games both against the Montreal Canadians. Then he went back to minor. They called him again in playing 43 games. Again, he was back to minor. In the minor hockey for several teams including the Ottawa Hulls, the Las Angles blades and for the PHL(Proffesional Hockey League) the San Diego Gulls.

6 Willie’s Education Willie went to school in Fredericton for Elementary, Junior High and High School. He did graduate from High School.

7 What Willie Does Today In 1998, Willie became the Director of Youth Development for the NHL/USA Hockey Diversity Task Force. Unfortunately, he today he is 95% blind in his right eye. While playing for the Bruins, a puck hit all around there and destroyed the retina and broke his nose.

8 Timeline

9 Map of Fredericton and Boston

10 Trivia Question

11 Trivia Question What is Willie’s brother’s name?

12 Trivia Answer Willie’s brother’s name is Richard.

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