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American History Project

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1 American History Project
Dontai Carey

2 The First Americans The first people to occupy the area of the united states were native Americans that crossed a land bridge from Asia into north America. The native Americans arrived in north America by crossing the Bering strait a land bridge that connected Asia to north America.

3 European Exploration Some reasons for European exploration that led them to north America was trade routes, religion, territory, and places to keep treasure.

4 European Impact The impact European exploration had on the native Americans already there is that they killed native Americans, forced them off the land, and gave tribes guns to kill off other tribes.

5 Colonization Some European countries that established major colonies in the area of the united states were England, France, and Spain. The first English colony was the Roanoke colony in 1585.

6 French and Indian War In the war the French and native Americans fought against great Britain. The cause of the war was that both countries wanted the Ohio river valley. The war was from , and the British won the war.

7 The path to Independence
The colonists wanted independence because of taxes, unfair laws, and because they had no say in the British parliament.

8 Founding Fathers Two people that played a major role in declaring independence for the united states was George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. Washington lead troops in defeating the British. Thomas Jefferson composed the first draft of the declaration of independence.

9 The American Revolution
One advantage the British had over the colonists was that they had more troops. One advantage the colonists had over the British was that the British’s bright red coats were easily seen in the woodland in the surrounding areas. The war occurred in One major battle of the war was the battle of Lexington.

10 After Independence The document that created our current government is the U.S constitution. Three branches of government that it created was the executive, judicial, and the legislative branches.

11 Growth of America Thomas Jefferson managed to double the size of the united states by purchasing the Louisiana territory which became known as the Louisiana purchase. The U.S acquired this land from France. Thomas Jefferson sent Louis and Clark to explore the land.

12 More Growth Of America The areas the U.S acquired from were Florida from Spain, Texas annexation and Mexican cession from Mexico, and the Oregon country from great Britain.

13 The Civil War Some reasons that the southern states hade for wanting to split from the United States was to keep their slaves. The Civil war occured from The result of the civil war was the end of slavery in the United states.

14 After The Civil War the newly free black population adapted to life in the united states by picking cotton for money and working in factories in the north. They were not treated fairly in American society. They were forced to site in the back of bus’, drink from separate water fountains, and attend different schools.

15 World War 1 WWI started in Europe after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Serbia. President Wilson felt that the U.S shouldn’t become involved in WWI when it began. The U.S entered the war after a German u-boat sunk the Lusitania. In WWI the U.S fought against the central powers Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.

16 The Great Depression The great depression started after the stock market crash on black Tuesday. The unemployment rate of this period was close to 25%.

17 World War II The United States were prompted to enter WWII after the attack on pearl harbor. In WWII we were fighting against Germany, Italy, and Japan. A new invention of the time that allowed us to end the war on the Japanese front quickly was the atomic bomb. After WWII Germany was divided into four parts by the allies.

18 The Cold War Communism is a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state. Three other countries that had communist governments were China, North Korea, and Vietnam. Two wars the U.S fought to try to prevent the spread of communism is the Korean, and Vietnam wars.

19 Vietnam War Two things that made the war in Vietnam difficult to win was the unknown terrain, and communist support from the Soviet Union, and China.

20 September 11’th and The War In Afghanistan
On September 11, 2001 a conducted terrorist attack crashed several planes into national sites such as the twin towers, and the pentagon. The group of people that was responsible for this attack is known as Al-Qaida. The geography of Afghanistan made it difficult in the search for Osama bin Laden, and the Taliban because of the mountainous region.

21 The War In Iraq The dictator that the united states removed as leader of Iraq was Saddam Hussein. The brutal actions he took against his own country was torturing and murdering the people, exiling, imprisonment, and the use of poison gas to move people out of cities.

22 Presidency Of Obama Barack Obama is the 44th president and first black president of the United States. He became president in Obama began his presidency in 2008 since then he

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