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Which Treaty Ended Which War? Treaty of Versailles 1919 – WWI Treaty of Ghent – War of 1812 Treaty of Gaudalupe Hildalgo – Mexican American War Treaty.

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1 Which Treaty Ended Which War? Treaty of Versailles 1919 – WWI Treaty of Ghent – War of 1812 Treaty of Gaudalupe Hildalgo – Mexican American War Treaty of Paris 1783 – Revolutionary War/War for American Independence Treaty of Paris 1763 – French and Indian War/Seven Years War Treaty of Versailles 1946 – WWII

2 King Philip’s War 1675-1676 Bacon’s Rebellion 1676 French and Indian War 1763 Revolutionary War – 1776-1783 Shay’s Rebellion 1786-1787 Whiskey Rebellion 1791-1784 1812 War – 1812-1815 Mexican-American War -1848 Civil War 1860-1864 Spanish American War and Philippine-American War 1898-1900 World War I – 1914-1918 World War II – 1941-1945 Cold War – 1946-1989 Korean War – 1950-1953 Vietnam War 1963-1975

3 Colonial Era King Philip’s War – Where: New England – Cause: Colonists were taking Indian’s land – What: Metacom led a 2-year war killing 2,000 Puritans – Effect: Indians lost their land; possibly Salem Witch Trials? Bacon’s Rebellion – Where: Virginia Colony – Cause: Nathanial Bacon and other freed slaves and indentured servants wanted Indian land but felt the House of Burgessess, and gov. William Berkeley, wouldn’t protect them against Indian attacks – What: Burned down Jamestown and attacked Indians – Effect: Leads to more slavery because rich land owners realize freed slave and indentured servants will keep wanting more land French and Indian War 1763 – Where: Fought in Great Lakes Area, Quebec. and in New Orleans – Cause: GB wanted control over GL area and so did France – What: the British and French fought to control N. america – Effect: Treaty of Paris1763; Great Britain wins control of N. America; raises taxes on colonists to pay for war debts;

4 New Nation Revolutionary War – 1776-1783 – Where: In Northern colonies mostly – Cause: Colonists wanted representation in Parliament and England refused – What: England sent troops to America to force taxation which led to DOI and war – Effect: Treaty of Paris 1783; New nation created; but in debt Shay’s Rebellion – Where: Mass. Colony – Cause: mini-depression after war causes farmers to lose their land – What: farmers get angry and attack tax offices in Mass.; federal govt. too weak to put down rebellion – Effect: continental Congress realizes they need to rewrite the Articles of Confederation and make the federal govt stronger Whiskey Rebellion – Where: Virginia – Cause: Alexander Hamilton’s tax policy to pay Rev. War deby – What: grain farmers attack local govt. offices; G. Washington himself puts down the rebellion – Effect: Shows power of new Constitution and federal govt.

5 Wars of the 1800s 1812 War – Where: Atlantic Ocean, Great Lakes Area, and New Orleans – Cause: Great Britain wanted more control of trade in N. America from Canada to New Orleans; GB wanted the US to only trade with them, not France – What: GB armed Indians in GL area to attack colonists; GB attacked American merchant ships at sea; GB burns Washington D.C. – Effect: Treaty of Ghent; US wins and proves strength as a new nation Mexican-American War -1848 – Where: In Texas and Mexico – Cause: TX and Mexico were arguing over territory – What: Texas citizens asked for US help in Mexican attacks; US attacked Mexico after TX becomes state – Effect: Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo; US ‘buys’ Mexican Cessions of land; gets land to California Civil War 1860-1864 – Where: All over US colonies – Cause: North and South arguments over states’ rights versus federal power – What: Southern States secede over issue of slavery – Effect: Slavery ends; South in severe depression Spanish American War and Philippine-American War 1898-1900 – Where: Cuba and Philippines – Cause: America wants Spain out of the Americas – What: America attacks Spain in Cuba and in the Philippines – Effect: Shows American Imperialism and Expansionism to Europe

6 Wars of the 1900s World War I – 1914-1918 – Where: Mostly France – Cause: Sinking of the Lusitania by German unrestricted submarine warfare – What: US sends troops to France to fight Germany – Effect: Treaty of Versailles; Germany at fault for war; goes in depression allowing Hitler to come to power World War II – 1941-1945 – Where: In Pacific, Atlantic, Europe, Africa, Middle East, China – Cause: Hitler wants world domination – What: US enters only after Pearl Harbor; fights Japanese, Italians, then Germans in Europe – Effect: Treaty of Versailles; United Nations established to keep world peace Cold War – 1946-1989 – Where: All over the world – Cause: Russia tries to spread communism; US tries to contain it – What: America and Russia build up arms and militaries; fight – Effect: NATO and Warsaw Pacts signed; fight proxy wars but not actually each other Korean War – 1950-1953 – Where: Korea – Cause: Russia and China try to help Korea become communist – What: America fights N. Korea for control of the peninsula – Effect: America wins half of Korea; the other half becomes communist Vietnam War 1963-1975 – Where: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia – Cause: China tries to turn Vietnam communist – What: France asks for America’s help; we send troops – Effect: America leaves Vietnam after war protests; Vietnam beomes communist

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