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Jafreisy Bonilla American History project End of year project!!!!

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1 Jafreisy Bonilla American History project End of year project!!!!

2 The First Americans: The first people to occupy the area of the United States were the Cherokee Indians. They came to the united States by crossing the Bering Strait. The Bering Strait was a land and ice bridge which connected Siberia and Alaska.

3 European Exploration: Some reasons for the European exploration to North American continents were religion,starvation,and diseases. Some European explorers were Christopher Columbus and Juan Ponce De Leon. Some areas they landed on Bahamas, Bimini, and Florida.

4 European Impact: The impacts on the Native Americans were that the Europeans changed the lifestyle and the environment.

5 Colonization: The major colonies were New York,P.A., Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, New Hempshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, N.J., Delaware, and Maryland. They where east of America and they where made (1829- 1921)

6 French and Indian War: This war started in 1754. Great Britian and France were the countries involved in the war. This war was made because Great Britian and France had promblems because of territory and power.

7 The Path to Independence: One reason was that the colonists were in debt after fighting the French and Indian. Therefore the colonist needed to pay taxes. The colonist wanted religious freedom from King George. Also another reason was that they wanted to govern themselves.

8 Founding Fathers: Thomas Jefferson played a major role in making the declaration of Independence along with George Washington and other man. Jefferson’s role was to write the Declaration of Independence. George Washington’s role was to read it and signed it.

9 The American Revolution: The French and Indian was a major battle in the American Revolution. One advantage was that the British had more and better weapons than the Colonist.

10 After Independence: The Declaration of Independence was the document that created our current government. The three branches areExecutive, Legislative, and Judicial branch. The first leader of the U.S. was George Washington.

11 Growth of America: Thomas Jefferson managed to double the size of the U.S. by buying the Louisiana Territory.

12 More Growth of America: The U.S. acquired Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota,and many other countries.

13 The Civil War:

14 After the Civil War:

15 World War I (WWI ) :

16 The Great Depression:

17 World War II (WWII) :

18 The Cold War:

19 Vietnam War:

20 September 11 th and the War in Afghanistan:

21 The War in Iraq:

22 Prensidency of Obama:

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