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Native American History

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1 Native American History
By Alexys Isaac 8B-1

2 The First Americans Question: Who were the first people to occupy the area of the United States? How did they first arrive? Answer: The first Americans were the Native Americans. They first arrived by migration.

3 European Exploration Question: What were some reasons for European Exploration that led them to the North American continent? Who were some of the explorers and in what areas did they land? Answer: They wanted to claim land in the new world before anyone else. Some of the explorers were Christopher Columbus and Ameriga Vespucci.

4 European Impact Question: What impact did the establishment of Colonies by Europe in North America have on the Native American people who had already lived there? Answer: It has created a war that was caused because of land.

5 Colonization Question- What European countries major colonies in the area of the United States? When and where was the first English Colony? Answer- Great Britain, Spain, and France. The first English colony was James Town, Virginia in 1607.

6 French and Indian War Question- Which countries fought in the French and Indian War? What was the cause of the war? During what years did it occur and which country won? Answer- France, Native Americans, Canada, and, Great Britain. The war caused of the war was of free land. The war occurred in and Great Britain won.

7 The Path to Independence
Question- During the Mid-1700s, the Colonists in America were beginning to become disgruntled by the British Government that ruled them. In 1776, these colonists would ask for independence. Find three reasons that the Colonists had for wanting their independence from the British Government. Answer- Three reasons are from the high taxes, the laws, and the unfairness.

8 Founding Fathers Question- Name two people who played a major role in declaring and/or gaining independence for the United States. Briefly describe their role. Answer- Two people who played a major role in declaring and/or gained independence was Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence and George was the United States General.

9 The American Revolution
Question- Name one advantage that the British Army had cover the Colonists and then name an advantage that the Colonists had over the British Army during the American Revolution. During what years did the war occur? Also, name a major battle of the war. Answer- One advantage the British Army had over the Colonist was more ammunition and the advantage Colonist had over the British Army was more soldiers. The war occurred during the years The name of the major battle of the war was the battle of Lexington

10 After Independence Question- After winning the Revolutionary War and our Independence, the U.S. developed the Articles of Confederation and wrote a new document that created our current system of government. Name that document that created our current government and the three branches of government that it created. Also name the first leader of our country and tell why he was chosen as our first president. Answer- The U.S. Constitution was the name of the document that created our current government. The three branches are Legislative, Judicial, and Executive.

11 Growth of America Question- During Thomas Jefferson’s presidency, the size of the U.S doubled. How did Jefferson manage to double the country’s size? Who did we acquire this land from and whom did Jefferson send to explore the new land? Answer- Jefferson was able to managed to double the size because they acquired the California Province Texas annexation, Oregon county, and the Louisianan Purchase. They acquired it from some in the war and Purchasing.

12 More Growth of America Question- By the Civil War the size of the country had grown greatly. What areas of land did the U.S. acquire from and from what countries did we acquire them? Answer- The areas of lands were The California Provence, Texas Annexation, and Oregon County. From France, Canada, and Spain.

13 The Civil War Question- What were some reasons that the Southern States had for wanting to split from the U.S.? What years did the Civil War occur and what was the result from its ending? Answer- One reason was that they wanted more power than the government. It occurred during the years

14 After The Civil War Question- How did the newly free black population adapt to life in the United States after the Civil War? Were they treated fairly in American society? What kind of discrimination and hardships did the African-American population face during the period between 1870 and the 1960s? Give some examples that showed the discrimination and segregation. Answer- They were free, they created their own businesses, and they established many food related businesses. They were treated fairly.

15 World War I Question- What started World War I in Europe? Did President Wilson feel that the USA should become involved in World War I when the war first began? What made the United States enter into the war? What countries did we fight against in World War I? Answer- Conflicts and hostility of four decades leading up to the war.

16 The Great Depression Question- Give a reason that the Great Depression that began in 1920s started. What was the unemployment rate of this period? Answer-

17 World War II Question- What promoted the United States to become involved in WWII? What countries were we fighting against in the War? What new invention of that time allowed us to end the War on the Japanese front quickly? What happened to Germany after World War II? Answer-

18 The Cold War Question- Describe what Communism is. The Cold War was a period of tension between the United States wanted to prevent the USSR, which was a communist country. During that period, the United States wanted to prevent the USSR, name 3 other countries that had communist governments between 1950 and Name two wars or conflicts that the USA fought in to try prevent the spread of Communism. Answer-

19 Vietnam War Question- The Vietnam War was fought to prevent the spread of communism. Although our troops fought bravely during this war, the USA could come home with a victory. Find 2 reasons that made the war in Vietnam difficult for the USA to be victorious. Answer-

20 September 11th and the War in Afghanistan
Question- Briefly describe what happened in the United states on September 11th , what group of people was responsible for those attacks? What role does the geography of Afghanistan make it difficult for the USA to be victorious. Answer-

21 The War in Iraq Question- Who was the brutal dictator that the United States removed as leader of Iraq?

22 Presidency of Obama Question- Who is Barack Obama? When did he become president? Include a biography of Obama and his political goals. Answer- Barack Obama is Americas 44th president. He became president on November 4th in the afternoon.

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