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Jael Maza history MS.Nolan a4

2 THE FIRST AMERICANS The first people to occupy America was the native Americans they were in America until Christopher Columbus came and claimed it for Spain

One reason why the European exploration led them to America was because Christopher Columbus was looking for a water route west from Europe to Asia CRISTOPHER COLUMBUS

4 European Impact Native Americans were killed by diseases such as smallpox that was spread to them, intentionally and unintentionally, by the Europeans

5 COLINIZATION The first explorations and conquests were made by the Spanish and the Portuguese the immediately following their own final another conquest of Iberia in In the 1494 treaty of torsedillas ratified by the Pope, these two kingdoms divided the entire non-European world between themselves, with an agreed boundary that would turn out to divide South America

6 FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR The French and Indian war was one of the last four north American wars from between the British and French they fought for control of the American territory the British won

7 THE INDEPENDENCE The colonist wanted independence mainly for the taxes the was were unfair and religious freedom

8 THE FOUNDING FATHERS One of the founding fathers was Benjamin Franklin he was a delegate to the constitutional convention and signed the Constitution and Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence

A couple advantages the British had over the Americans was money supplies and ships the colonist advantage was they had George Washington and other veterans of the French and Indian war

The document that created the American government was the article of confederation and the three branches are the judicial legislative and the executive

11 THOMAS JEFFERSON The reason the united states of America doubled because Thomas Jefferson bought land from France called Louisiana purchase

12 MORE GROWTH OF AMERICA With in 50 years the frontiers disappeared and the population nearly tripled

13 THE CIVIL WAR The reason the civil war happened because some states wanted to have slaves and some didn’t it went from

14 AFTER THE CIVIL WAR The freed black men were trying to adapt to life but their was a lot of racists they even made a group called the KU KLUX KLAN or for short the KKK

15 WORLD WAR 1 When an assassin killed the Austria-Hungary's duke which triggered the war president Wilson thought we shouldn’t get in to the war we fought Russia Germany Serbia and the ottoman empire

16 The great depression World war 1 was an effect on the depression the unemployment rate was 30 %

17 WORLD WAR 2 the thing that got the us in world war 2 was pearl harbor the countries we fought was Japan Germany and Italy the invention that helped us end world war 2 was the atomic bomb Germany surrendered their leader Adolf Hitler killed him self in a bunker

18 COLD WAR comunisim is a system in which the political theory or system in which all property and wealth is owned in a classless society by all the members of that society other communist countires were north korea vietnam and china

19 VIETNAM WAR The war was hard because it was a really big place and they had the home territory advantage but we were able to leave

20 9\11 9/11 was al queda attacking the United States of America Twin Towers so we had to retalitate that is why the war on terror is going on

21 9\11 9/11 was al queda attacking the United States of America Twin Towers so we had to retalitate that is why the war on terror is going on

22 IRAQ The brutal leader we had to kill was sadam huisen we caught him hiding in a spider hole he was executed in the united states

23 Barrack Obama Is the first black president in the united states he became president in 2008


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