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10.2 The Louisiana Purchase and Exploration 1803-1806.

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1 10.2 The Louisiana Purchase and Exploration 1803-1806


3 The West in 1800 Hispaniola

4 Jefferson and Louisiana 1800-1810: Population in the Ohio Valley grows. Daniel Boone clears the Wilderness Road. 1800: Spain cedes trans-Mississippi/LA to France 1802: US loses right to deposit in New Orleans 1803: Jefferson sends envoys to Napoleon 4/30/1803: Frances sells LA for $15 million Why did Napoleon sell?


6 Louisiana Purchase of 1803  Avoided war with France and Spain  Vast area of land open for farming for growing population  Western expansion favors Jefferson & Democratic republican Party, gains loyalty of Western US  Federalists decline further  Establishes power of the President to make treaties

7 {{ Meriwether Lewis & William Clark Page 321

8 Meriwether Lewis & William Clark  Sought (but did not find) a Northwest Passage  Want to establish boundaries of the new LA territory  1804-1806: 2½ year journey of 50 men(Corps of Discovery)  Navigated the Missouri, crossed the Rockies, went down the Columbia River to the Pacific and back

9 The Corps of Discovery  Received help from many Native Americans during their journey, especially Sacajawea, a Shoshone woman who served as interpreter and guide  First Americans to cross the North American continent.  Demonstrated the viability of an overland passage to Pacific  Opened the West to settlement Sacagawea interpreted in a bronze sculpture by Eugene Daub located at Clark's Point in Kansas City. Source - NET, Bill Ganzel


11 The Missouri Breaks

12 Decision Point



15 { Zebulon Pike  Left St. Louis in 1806 with party of 12.  Goal was to find the source of the Arkansas and Red Rivers  Attempted to climb Pikes Peak  Crossed Rio Grande  Arrested and detained by Spanish


17 Pike’s Peak

18 What were the Effects of Exploration between 1804-1807? (page 323)

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