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Jefferson Takes Office The Louisiana Purchase and Exploration 10

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1 Jefferson Takes Office 10. 1 The Louisiana Purchase and Exploration 10

2 The Election of 1800 “2nd American Revolution”
Federalists vs. Democratic-Republicans President John Adams vs. Thomas Jefferson Dem-Rep save nation from monarchy and oppression

3 The Election of 1800 JEFFERSON WINS!!!! (Aaron Burr VP)
Radicals- people who take extreme political positions Ex. French Revolution JEFFERSON WINS!!!! (Aaron Burr VP)

4 Jefferson Philosophy Common way of life
Nation of small independent farmers Strong morals and democratic values Does not list presidency on Tombstone

5 Jefferson Philosophy “Let us, then , fellow-citizens, unite with one heart and one mind… Every difference of opinions is not a difference of principle… We are all republicans, we are all Federalists” –Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address “Government that govern least, governs best!”

6 The West in 1800 The “west”- area between Appalachia and Mississippi river US Territories claim statehood Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio

7 Napoleon and New Orleans
French loses New Orleans in French-Indian War Give to Spain  give back to France in secret treaty (condition, no to USA)

8 Napoleon and New Orleans
Americans want war!!! Jefferson offer to buy New Orleans Got REMARKABLE deal….

9 The Louisiana Purchase
Louisiana Purchase- April 30, 1803 bought for $15 million ( 3 cents per acre) Double size of United States

10 Lewis and Clark Explore
Meriwether Lewis- leader of expedition Lt. William Clark- old friend to oversee volunteer force Corps of Discovery  Lewis and Clark expedition

11 Lewis and Clark Explore
Start summer 1803 Winter reach St. Louis (gateway to the West) May 1804 USA flag over St. Louis

12 Up the Missouri River Sacagawea- French trapper wife who had skills and knowledge of geography and language of area

13 Pike’s Expedition Zebulon Pike- search southern route of St. Louis
Find sources of Arkansas and Red Rivers Red river forms boundary of Spanish territory

14 Pike’s Expedition Travel towards Rocky Mountains
Pikes Peak Travel south to Rio Grande… Spanish Territory  arrested (returned 1807)

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