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Kingdom Fungi.

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1 Kingdom Fungi

2 Fungi Basics Heterotrophs Cell composition similar to animals
Cannot perform photosynthesis Release enzymes to absorb nutrients Cell composition similar to animals Reproduction: Sexual & Asexual Classified by how they reproduce

3 Comparing Plants & Fungi
Plants and fungi have different traits: Fungal cell walls are made of chitin. Plant cell walls are made of cellulose. Plants have chlorophyll and photosynthesize. Fungi absorb food through hyphae. Plants and fungi have similar traits: Both are nonmoving. Grow underground and aboveground. May produce spores.

4 Fungi Structure What grows underground?
Hyphae: thin strands of cells that make up the fungus body Hyphae branch into a larger mass (mycelium) What grows above ground? Fruiting body: reproductive structure creates spores

5 Bread Mold Fungi Bread molds
Get name due to ability to create zygospore Protective spore surrounding the zygote Spores produced inside sporangia (sporangium) Spores released into air

6 Club Fungi . . . . Mushrooms, puffballs, shelf fungi
Fruiting body looks like club Spores produced in structures called basidia (basidium) Spores released into air . . . . Grassy ground

7 Sac Fungi Yeast Single celled Reproduce asexually through budding
Morels, truffles Fruiting body resembles a sac Spores produced in structures called Asci (ascus) Spores released into air

8 Reproductive Structures of Fungi (that you need to know)

9 Mushroom Reproduction

10 Spores will land Fungus #1 mycelium grows underground….Fungus #2 mycelium grows underground Two fungi grow together and fuse…new mycelium created . Fruiting body sprouts . New spores released from the fruiting body . . . . . ground

11 Lichens Fungus + algae or cyanobacteria
Mycelium of fungi surrounds the green organism Grow on rocks, soil, trees Mutualistic relationship Algae/bacteria: obtains home to grow within; gets water Fungus: obtains nutrients

12 REview Name the three major types of fungi.
Which characteristic is used to classify the various types of fungi? Which fungi produce asci? Which fungi produce basidia? Which fungi produce zygospores? What is the above ground structure of a fungus called? What objects are released from the fruiting body? Label the diagram.

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