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2 The Fungi kingdom was grouped with plants in the past
The Fungi kingdom was grouped with plants in the past. This was because its parts and life style often resemble plants. Fungi cannot make their own food, possess little movement and are composed of one or many cells.

3 Fungal Characteristics
1) Cell wall made of Chitin 2) Heterotrophs and major Decomposers 3) Body is made of Long filaments of hyphae which form a mycelium 4) Reproduce sexually and asexually Asexually by spores Sexually by mating of hyphae filaments

4 More characteristics Plant-like but without chlorophyll
Feeds on living organisms - parasite Feeds on dead or decaying matter - saprophyte

5 Fungi phylums Phylum Zygomycota (the Bread Molds)
Oomycota (the Water Molds) Phylum Ascomycota (the Sac Fungi) Phylum Basidiomycota (the Club Fungi) Phylum Deuteromycota (the Fungi Imperfecti)

6 Reproduction Asexual (fission, budding and spores) Sexual (sexual spores, life cycles)

7 Some examples of common fungi
Molds grow in warm and moist places Produces spore cases called sporangia Hyphae threadlike structures which grow into and on food - absorbs water, minerals and food. Parts of a mold

8 Mushrooms Club Fungi Mushrooms, puffballs, and bracket fungi.
Produces spores in club-shaped structure. Some are parasitic, but most live on dead or decaying matter. Some are edible, but many others are poisonous.

9 Yeast Sac Fungi Spores produced in sac called a ascus.
Yeast reproduce by budding Produce carbon dioxide by a process called fermentation (obtain energy).

10 Lichens Two organisms living closely together (fungus and algae)
Mutualism (symbiotic relation) Fungus provides home and water Algae provides food Lichens are frequently found growing on rocks since they provide their own food

11 Examples of each phylum
Basidiomycota Mushrooms Fungi Imperfecti (Deuteromycota) Athlete’s Foot Oomycota Mildew Zygomycota Rhizopus Ascomycota Yeast

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