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Science Olympiad Summer Institute Phoenix, AZ July 16 – 20, 2012.

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1 Science Olympiad Summer Institute Phoenix, AZ July 16 – 20, 2012

2 DESCRIPTION Determine a team’s ability to design, conduct, and report the findings of an experiment

3 PARAMETERS  STUDENTS (mandatory)  ANSI Z87 indirect vent chemical splash goggles  Writing instrument(s)  STUDENTS (optional)  Timepiece  Ruler  Non-programmable calculator NOTE: Chemicals requiring safety clothing will not be used.

4 THE COMPETITION  Supervisors will provide teams with identical sets of materials  If materials are given to teams in a container the container is considered part of the materials

5 COMPETITION (cont.)  Nature of the experiment is determined by a question/topic area assigned by Supervisor  Same for all teams  Allow for experiments involving independent and dependent variables

6 SCORING Experimental Design Rubric  Max. Pts.: B – 61C - 66  Tiebreaker Sequence 1. Variables 2. Procedure 3. Analysis of results 4. Graph 5. Data table  Teams not addressing the question/topic will be ranked behind others

7 1. Statement of Problem – 4 pts. a) Not a yes/no question b) Include independent and dependent variables c) Problem is clearly testable d) Written in a clear and concise manner

8 2. Hypothesis a. Predicts a relationship or trend b. Gives specific direction to the prediction c. Includes both independent and dependent variables d. Provides a rational for the hypothesis

9 3a. Independent Variable – 3 pts a. Operationally defined b. Correctly identified c. Has at least 3 levels

10 3b. Dependent Variable – 3 pts a. Correctly defined (2 pts) b. Operationally defined

11 3a. Controlled Variables – 4 pts a. One point for each correctly defined constant b. up to a maximum of 4 points

12 4. Experimental Control – 2 pts (where appropriate) a. Correctly identified b. Makes logical sense for the experiment

13 5. Materials – 3 pts a. All materials used are listed b. No extra materials are listed c. Listed separately from procedure

14 6. Procedure – 6 pts a. Well organized b. In logical sequence c. Enough information is given to make experiment replicable d. Includes diagrams e. Has repeated trials

15 7. Qualitative Observations – 4 pts Includes observations about a. Results b. Procedure/deviations from procedure c. Results not relating to dependent variable d. Things that happen during course of experiment e. VIDEO

16 8. Quantitative Data – 6 pts a. All raw data is provided b. All data has units c. Condensed table with most important data d. Table is correctly labeled e. Example calculations are included f. Uses correct significant figures (C division)

17 9. Graph(s) – 6 points a. Appropriate type of graph b. Has a title c. Labeled correctly (2 pts) d. Units included e. Appropriate scale

18 10. Statistics – 2/6 pts B Division – 2 pts a. Uses average, median, or mode b. Statistic used is appropriate for data C Division – 6 pts a. Uses average, median, or mode b. Statistic used is appropriate for data c. Measure of central tenency d. Measure of variation e. Regression analysis f. Other appropriate statistic used

19 11. Analysis of Data – 4 pts All statements must be supported by data collected a. All data is discussed and interpreted b. Unusual data points commented upon c. Trends in data explained d. Enough detail provided to explain data

20 12. Experimental Errors – 3 pts a. Reasons for errors b. Important information about data collection c. Effect of errors on data

21 13. Conclusion – 4 pts a. Hypothesis is evaluated by given data b. Hypothesis is restated c. Reasons to accept/reject hypothesis d. All statements are supported by data

22 14. Applications/Further Research – 4 pts a. Improvement of experiment b. Alternative interpretation of data c. Future experiments d. Practical application(s) of information discovered from experiment

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