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HAND INSTRUMENTS DR LOBNA ABO ELNASR Level 4. Reference book Dental instruments pocket guide by linda R bartolomucci Art and science 5 th edition.

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2 Reference book Dental instruments pocket guide by linda R bartolomucci Art and science 5 th edition

3 1- diagnostic instrument A- mirror Function : provide indirect vision Retraction for lips, cheeks, and tongue Reflection og light into mouth

4 B- explorer (probe) Function : Examine tooth for caries, calculus,and furcation involvement hook Back action (orban)

5 C-forceps (plier( or tweezer) Function: Hold and transfer materials from and into oral cavity

6 2- enamel cutting instrument A- enamel hatchet: Function Removal of undermined enamel Shaping to external walls

7 B-enamel hoe: Function: Remove undermined enamel from walls in cavity preparatyion

8 C- wedelstaedat chisel Function : Removal of undemined enamel

9 D- gingival marginal trimmer-mesial and distal Function: Bevel for cervical margins mesial and distal Bevel to axiopulpal line angle

10 E- spoon excavator: Function: Removal of soft caries, temporary crown,temporary cement, permenant crown Claw like called (spoon) discoid SPOON

11 Amalgam instruments 1- amalgam carrier Carry and dispense amalgam for cavity Double ended Single ended called plunger style or gun style Plunger style

12 2- duppin dish(well) Function : hold amalgam before it is ploaced in preparation Holding amalgam while loading amalgam carrier

13 3- condenser (plugger) Function: Pack and condense amalgam into cavity or even temporary or another restorative material it may be smooth or serrated

14 4- liner applicator Function: Place calcium hydroxide in a cavity preparation

15 5- burnisher Function: Smooth amalgam after condensation Do initial carving for amalgam Contour uncontoured matrix band Egg ball ( football) ( beaver tail) ball Acorn(diamond)

16 6- hollen back carver Function: Carve amalgam occlusal and interproximal surface

17 7-discoid cleoid carver Function: Carve occlusal anatomy in amalgam restoration cleoid discoid

18 8- tofflemire matrix Function: Maintain stability of matrix during restoration of class 2 Guide slot Diagonal slot spindle Inner (large ) knob Outer (small) knob Parts: Guide slot for right and left Diagonal slot:towords gingiva sliding up and downon the spindle Spindle : hold matrix in place Inner knob adjust size of the band to fit around tooth Outer knob:at the end of the spindle to tighten or loose the matrix

19 9- matrix band: Function replace missing proximal wall to restore class 2 Universal band for all posterior MOD MATRIX FOR MOLAR AND PREMOLAR


21 Composite restorative material 1- plastic filling instrument Function: Carry composite material into cavity Place, condense and carve composite

22 2- applicator Function:apply conditioner, primer or bonding system 3- finishing strip Function Finish and smooth interproximal surface of restoration

23 Rubber dam instruments 1- dam sheet Function : Isolation of teeth for dental work 2- punch: Function : punch holes in dental dam It has table of 5 holes No 5:anchor tooth (largest) No 4:molar No3:premolar No 2:upper anteriors upper and lower canine No 1: lower central and lateral

24 3- forcepes: Function : to place and remove the clamp 4- frame: Function : hold dam away from teeth it may be plastic or metal 5- clamp Function: anchor and stabilize the dam 212 ANTERIOR CLAMP

25 Dental hand piece 1- high speed hand piece Function cut in the toooth removing decay making cavity preparation Air turbine with water cooling system 2 or 4 holes May be push button or with bur changer

26 2- low speed motor function:used with slow speed attachment,with straight handpiece with long shank bur 3-slow speed motor with contra angle handpiece Function:with low speed hand piece removal of caries, polishing of teeth and restoration

27 Dental burs and rotary attachment for handpiece Bur: Function: used with high or low speed Composed of head, neck, shank Shank end determines which handpiece to be used straight shank, latch type, friction grip

28 1- round bur Function : removal of caries from tooth structure Open access for endodontic treatment Place retention in cavity preparation

29 2-pear shape bur Function: open tooth for restoration, removal of caries Most common 330, in composite restoration

30 4- invert cone bur: Function : removal of caries make retention in cavity preparation

31 5- straight fissure bur- plain cut Function:cut cavity preparation,retention grooves

32 6- tapered fissure bur- plain cut Function: Cut for cavity preparation, place retention grooves in walls Commonly 169, 271 it may have short or long shank

33 8- tapered fissure bur cross cut Function: cut cavity preparation, place retention grooves or locks tapere d straight

34 9-Finishing bur Function: To finish composite restorationit may be carbide 12 fluted carbide Diamond fine one with yellow strip

35 10-flat end taper diamond Reduction of tooth for crown to make shoulder finish line From superfine to course grit designed by color band on the shank

36 11- round end tapered (TR) diamond Function : preparation of tooth for crown to make chamfer finish line

37 12- flame diamond Function reduction of tooth for crown for subgingival margins Superfine for finishing restoration

38 13-wheel diamond Function: Reduction of tooth for crown on lingual surface and incisal edge

39 The names of most common shaped of bur either carbide or diamond

40 14- rubber point Function:polish of restoration composite, amalgam Types: Brown points: abrasive Green point les abrasive White (point) polishing point It may be friction grip Or latch type Latch type Friction grip

41 15- lab acrylic bur Function: Cut models or trim acrylic in lab Attached for straight hand piece

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