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Amalgam Restoration DHYG 113 Restorative Dentistry I.

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1 Amalgam Restoration DHYG 113 Restorative Dentistry I

2 Objectives Describe procedures for condensing and carving amalgam restorations for Class I and Class II cavity preparations Identify correct sequencing of instruments used in amalgam placement Describe criteria for evaluation of the finished amalgam restoration

3 Class I Amalgam Restoration Pits and fissures Molars Premolars Maxillary anteriors

4 Amalgam Carrier

5 Condensing the Amalgam

6 Continue condensing

7 Condense into line angles

8 Add larger increments

9 Continue Condensing

10 Larger Increments

11 Large Condenser

12 Overfill


14 Condense at Cavosurface Margin

15 Discoid Carver

16 Begin Carving With discoid, start to carve away excess amalgam – be careful not to “gouge” around the cavosurface margin

17 Continue carving Use the countours of the cusps to continue carving, being careful not to remove too much amalgam at the margins

18 Cleioid Carver Used to define occlusal anatomy Carefully carve the amalgam so that the side of the cleioid carver is in contact with the tooth to avoid removing too much amalgam at the cavosurface margin

19 Carving with Cleioid

20 Carving

21 Check Occlusion Marks should be on cusp tips only

22 Check Occlusion

23 Finished Class I Amalgam

24 Class II Amalgam Apply Dycal Copalite Varnish

25 Apply Matrix Retainer

26 Secure Band with Wedge

27 Insert Wedges from Lingual

28 Check fit of band on proximal Burnish with T-ball burnisher Band is flush with tooth surface

29 Condensers

30 Place Amalgam into Proximal

31 Condense into Box

32 Build up Amalgam at Proximal

33 Condense to against matrix band to close contact

34 Condense against band


36 Condense into Undercut

37 Continue Filling Prep

38 Condense well

39 Burnish

40 Remove Excess with Explorer

41 Carvers Hollenback Carver Discoid-Cleioid Carver

42 Discoid – begin to remove excess amalgam

43 Remove Wedge

44 Loosen Matrix Retainer

45 Hold down band while gently loosening it from tooth

46 Proximal surface carvers

47 Carve Proximal

48 Carve Marginal Ridge

49 Use Discoid to define cavosurface margins

50 Use Cleioid to define occlusal anatomy

51 Check Occlusion

52 Marks on cusp tips

53 Floss through contact

54 Finished MO Amalgam

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