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Molly McDonald, LMT, Craniosacral Therapy, Infant Massage Instructor.

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1 Molly McDonald, LMT, Craniosacral Therapy, Infant Massage Instructor

2  Anything that doesn’t require my physical contact, but does require the ability to see one another ◦ Infant Massage Instruction/Demonstration ◦ Tummy Time! Instruction  Group or individual video sessions ◦ Trouble shooting or consulting




6  Computer ◦ (see system requirements on skype website)  Reliable internet connection  Web Camera  Microphone

7  When you are working with families, will you be working with one at a time, or will you be connecting a group?

8  Free account is perfect for one-on-one connecting


10  Premium will connect up to 5 users on 5 different computers at a time (i.e. Group Video Call)




14  5 or more computers/users in one video conversation.  You will see 5 separate screens on your computer screen in a grid.  Everyone can see and hear everyone else (unless they mute themselves or turn their video camera off).

15 You can provide multiple families information during one session. With the video aspect, you are also able to demonstrate things visually for one another. Families do not need to leave their homes to get the support/education you provide.

16  Possibly difficult to see the level of detail you need to see with multiple small screens (versus one large screen).

17  Difficulty demonstrating properly while still working in front of your camera

18  Background noise ◦ Especially if babies are involved, I would suggest having families ‘mute’ their microphones unless they need to ask a question.

19  Can be very convenient for families by minimizing appointments that take them out of the home  You will need to consider how the family will pay you for services  Sometimes internet connections can be disturbed creating ◦ Pixelated video ◦ Freezing images ◦ Distorted sound



22  Payment Options: ◦ Paypal  (free- pay a percentage per transaction) ◦ Square  (free-Credit Card via smartphone- pay a percentage per transaction) ◦ Check via mail ◦ Send an Invoice

23  Registration ◦ Via email or phone (free)  collect necessary information, email information about connecting on skype at appointment time. ◦ On-line via (free)  Collects information  manages payment processing  Sends client welcome letter with instructions upon registration completion.





28  Think about your practice and services which do not necessarily require your physical proximity.

29  Know whether you can manage/hire out the necessary management of the various software you are using

30  Try it! You can always decide that it isn’t ideal, but it may just open up new avenues, with fewer resources/time.


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