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Online Tutorials All you will need to know to attend online tutorials with Tammy the Tutor at WizIQ.

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1 Online Tutorials All you will need to know to attend online tutorials with Tammy the Tutor at WizIQ

2 To participate efficiently, you will need: a reliable internet connection a working e-mail account (checked daily ) a headset (phones & microphone combined) a scanner to upload assignment questions. a webcam (optional but I’d like to see you.) a tablet (optional) Equipment

3 Open WiZiQ Account Open a Student Account (free) at WiZiQ WiZiQ Find “ Tammy the Tutor ” add me to your Contact s List. Take the tour of the virtual classroom. Attend a public class to get the feel (optional).

4 Preparing for the Tutorial Before the tutorial: e-mail me with hand-out Scan s (.jpg format) Specify the topic to be tutored. Check connections and operation of your devices. Set-up a quiet, no interuptions work space!! Keep yapping dogs away from the work space!!! Check e-mail for invitation to attend.

5 Entering the Classroom There are 2 ways to enter the Virtual Classroom: from an e-mail Invitation. from your WiZiQ account. the next few slides show how to access the event. Most efficient is from your WiZiQ account.

6 Entering from e-mail The e-mail message looks like this: View complete information click this link to continue.

7 Entering from e-mail The top of the e-mail invitation looks like this: Enter Class this button lets you enter the class after you login to your account. this button is a link to the “event”. class title

8 Entering from e-mail Click this link to check audio and video devices before you enter the classroom. Click the button to allow audio/video. The bottom of the invitation looks like this: Microphone Test The test automatically detects and selects the preferred audio device.

9 Entering from WiZiQ The top of your WiZiQ home page looks like this under “my stuff” find “ my classes ”. click the “ enter class ” link. login to your WiZiQ account,

10 Feedback Form A few seconds after the tutorial ends, you will get a feedback form to fill in. Please submit comments on the quality of the tutor and the technology.

11 Payment by Cash Deposit Payment by Cash Deposit: Royal Bank Account: Y ou can now pay for tutoring by making a cash deposit at the counter of any Royal Bank branch. Transit #: 8291 Account #: 5021761 Proof of Payment: once you ’ ve made a payment, please e-mail me with the date and amount so that I can keep my records up to date. Payment Rates: since there are no transaction fees, there will be no surcharge on payments. payment for single hour : $45/hr. payment for 3 or more hours : $40/hr.

12 Payment by PayPal Transfer Method: If you have a PayPal account, after you receive a “ request for payment ” from MathRoom Learning Service, use “ send money ” to pay. Invoice/Credit Card Method: If you don’t have a PayPal account, I’ll send an invoice from MathRoom Learning Service via e-mail, with instructions for payment by credit card. Payment Rates: to cover transaction fees, there will be a $5.00 surcharge on all payments. payment for single hour : $45/hr. + surcharge payment for 3 or more hours : $40/hr. + surcharge

13 PayPal Safety Tips The Safest Way to use a PayPal Account open a PayPal account with a $10 transfer from your bank checking account. 10 days before payment due, transfer (payment $’s + $5) from bank to PayPal. on due date, pay MathRoom Learning Service invoice from PayPal account. This leaves a small amount in your PayPal account after you pay the invoice, and it never holds more than needed. If your account gets hacked, you’re risking a few bucks. If you’re worried about hacking, you’re not alone. Recently all kinds of grand poobahs were hacked. I’ve been with PayPal for years, using this approach, so when I was hacked, it was for $4.99. Once I reported the event, the service was great – they quickly got it all straightened out and I lost nothing. now – right click, end show, Back button

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