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How does it work? Why does it matter to you and AFA?

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1 How does it work? Why does it matter to you and AFA?

2  Virtual…  Classroom  Workshop  Seminar  Conference call with web access All of the above!

3  Phone + Computer synchronization to have a conversation  Live  View a recorded event as a video

4  Stay connected with your AFA network year round  Take advantage of additional training opportunities  Engage in industry discussions without leaving your room or office!

5  Connect with others without travel  Connect often with regular groups  Gather information  Ask questions  Provide input  Chat with others  Take a poll

6  Live event  Get an invitation  Register  Receive login/call details  Login and call-in at the designated time  User guides available at: efault.asp?deptID=5641 efault.asp?deptID=5641

7  How is this useful?  Turns a standard Internet connection into a way to place free phone calls.  Examples: Skype, Instant Message Phoning  Computer-to-computer  This is certainly the easiest way to use VoIP. You don't even have to pay for long-distance calls.  All you need is the software, a microphone, speakers, a sound card and an Internet connection (preferably a fast one like you would get through a cable or DSL modem)microphonespeakers sound cardcableDSL modem Source:

8  Try downloading Skype and conducting a call. Need someone to talk to? Look up my Skype ID nancy.barcus  Login early to an AFA webinar and use the Audio Setup options to test your computer

9  Watch a recorded webinar  Watch like a video on YouTube or AFA web site  AFA will try to post to a public or private YouTube link within a week after the live webinar  Find via AFA’s web site

10  Informational  To share information and answer questions about upcoming events or opportunities  User groups discussions  Internship study groups  Student advisory team meetings  Training  Extension of AFA Leaders Conference training  New and additional topics year-round

11 More Questions? Contact us at or (816) 472-4232

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