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1 Created by Office of Distance Education of Learning Technologies

2 Attending a Meeting For meeting participants To attend a meeting you do not need a Cisco WebEx account.

3 Attending a Meeting 1. Open a web browser and access the university WebEx web page by typing the following URL into the address field -

4 Attending a Meeting 2. Click on Meeting Center tab. A list of meetings will be displayed.

5 Attending a Meeting 3. Locate the meeting you wish to attend. 4. Click Join to attend a scheduled meeting. (The Join link will be available a few minutes before start time.)

6 Attending a Meeting 4. Enter your name and email address in the indicated fields. Sometimes a password for the meeting is required, the meeting host will provide you that information. 5. Click the Join button.

7 Attending a Meeting If WebEx plugins or software has not previously been installed on a computer, the install screen will be displayed. If participants are on their own computer, follow the steps to install the application. If participants are on a university computer then click on the Run a temporary application link.

8 Attending a Meeting The participant will be given the option to call in using the provided call in instructions. If computer has a sound card and participant has speakers or headphones, and a microphone, click the Call Using Computer button to use computer audio.

9 Attending a Meeting When participant selects the Call Using Computer button, an audio test screen will pop up so you can test the speakers and microphone. A person could always switch back to using the phone by clicking Leave Audio Conference.

10 Attending a Meeting Once a participant has completed the log in setup, the WebEx screen is displayed.

11 Attending a Meeting The Audio buttons are used to reopen audio test. Audio buttons can also be used to switch between using a dial in number and VoIP. Audio Controls

12 Attending a Meeting The large area in the middle is the main display area for files and whiteboard use. Main Meeting Area

13 Attending a Meeting The camera icon can be used to turn video image on and off. If the host or other participants have video on, then image will be displayed. Turn your video on/off Displays other participants video Video image Display

14 Attending a Meeting The microphone icon can be used to mute and unmute audio. Host has the ability to mute and unmute participants. Mute/Unmute microphone

15 Attending a Meeting Participants list area indicates all those in attendance. Participant List

16 Attending a Meeting Participants can use the raise hand button if they have a question. Raise Hand

17 Attending a Meeting Participants can use the Chat area to ask the host a question or to chat with other meeting participants by selecting a particular individual's name from the Sent to list. Chat Area

18 Attending a Meeting Participants can use the Leave Meeting button to leave before the end of the meeting. Click the X in the top right of the WebEx screen will also allow you to exit the meeting. Exit Meeting

19 Help and Support Distance Education Website - Instructor Resources > WebEx under Technology heading IT Help Website - Get Help > WebEx help bullet under FAQ Cisco WebEx Meeting Web Page - Support > Training > WebEx University Cisco Self-Service Technical Support Cisco WebEx Technical Support Phone: 1-866-229-3239 Other helpful resources:

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