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Welcome to the CIGNA Meeting Center Training

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1 Welcome to the CIGNA Meeting Center Training

2 We will be starting soon. In the meantime, please…
Thank you for joining today’s CIGNA Meeting Center Training We will be starting soon. In the meantime, please… Close all other applications you have running on your PC, to ensure a smooth delivery Maximize your browser in order to experience a “full screen view”. Q&A - Your audio lines are muted, but we will take verbal questions at the end of the session. Instructions to ask a verbal question will follow. - You may send “chat” questions throughout the session and we will address them during Q&A. Technical HELP – should you need technical assistance during this session, please call the Support

3 Agenda Participant Toolbar – On the left hand side of your screen!
What’s New? CIGNA Meeting Center - Audio Only Conferencing What is CIGNA Meeting Center web? Moderator Login Moderator Meeting Management Area Scheduling Meetings Creating resources/ viewing reports Moderator Toolbar Slides, Share, Webtour Participant Audio Control Participant Login and “synchronizing” phone Q&A Please Fill Out the Exit Survey

4 Participant Toolbar Chat Participant List Notes Emoticons Customize with Images Full Screen Mode

5 Conference call capacity increased from 40 connections to 100
What’s new? Ready-to-Meet just got better! Your new CIGNA Meeting Center has many enhancements: Conference call capacity increased from 40 connections to 100 Advanced audio management controls via the web, such as ability to select participants to mute/unmute, dial-out, disconnect, sub-conference and lock. Record any meeting to archive or playback at a later date. Deliver a PowerPoint™ presentation in real-time via the Internet Application Share to show participants any document or application from your PC

6 CIGNA Meeting Center information e-mailed to you
Your personal account information: announcement . You will also receive a plastic card with your meeting information and a user guide in the mail.

7 Dialing into the audio Moderator/Host: Step 1: Dial your Toll Free number Step 2: Enter your Host passcode, followed by the # Note - Don’t share your passcode with your audience Participants: Step 1: Dial the Moderator’s Toll Free number (or the international number from outside North America). Step 2: Enter the Participant’s passcode, followed by the #. Participants who dial in before the Moderator will be placed on music hold. This is the same process you have always used with the Ready-to-Meet service.

8 New Audio Commands IMPORTANT! All commands must now be preceded and followed by the * (asterisk) key. *Note – For a complete list of new audio commands, please download the user guide from

9 What is CIGNA Meeting Center?
CIGNA Meeting Center provides a way to host meetings online with up to 100 people - using just your Web browser and a phone. Players include: Moderator (account owner): Speaker and/or Facilitator Co-Presenter(s): Speaker Participant(s): Viewer *Note – A Moderator has to be involved, in order to start and manage the meeting

10 Go to
Moderator Login Go to Set in Favorites (for easy access later) Click ‘Moderator’ to access your web meeting management area

11 Moderator Login Enter your Participant Passcode and your Host Passcode (you do not need the # when logging into the web portion) Click Log In

12 Meeting Management Run an “Ad Hoc” meeting on demand
Schedule meetings and send invitations - Schedule recurring meetings Manage and view archives Address Book Pre-load and create resources that can be accessed during your meetings Access reports after your meetings that can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet for tracking Assistance

13 1st Set Up Click Set up Select Preferences

14 Set Up - Preferences Verify Information Set Time Zone
Select Preferences

15 Upload Power Point

16 Schedule Meetings

17 Scheduling Wizard – Step 1

18 Scheduling Wizard – Step 2

19 Scheduling Wizard – Step 3

20 Scheduling Wizard – Step 4

21 Scheduling Wizard – Step 5

22 Launch a Live Meeting “Ad Hoc” meeting on demand Scheduled meetings

23 Moderator Default View

24 Moderator Toolbar – Slides

25 Application Showing Let’s take a look…
When you click on “Share” tab, your participants will see a grey screen until you: Put a check next to the applications you want them to see and… Bring it into the forefront on your screen *Note – your participants will see your mouse movements and they will also see applications that you open in front of the one that you’ve selected. Let’s take a look…

26 Application Showing cont…

27 Participant Status See who is connected on Web
See who’s connected on the audio See who is talking or where noise is coming from *Note – Audio and Web connections are “lines up” when participants enters their participant ID Code during the logon process (step #3).

28 Participant Synchronize
Moderator can “help” synchronize a participant by clicking and dragging name and phone #. or…Participant can view their Participant ID code by clicking the “I” at the top of their toolbar and entering the code into their telephone key pad.

29 Muted Un-muted Audio Control – Muting Mute/ Unmute ALL
Mute/ Unmute individuals “Self Mute/Unmute” by hitting *6* on telephone key pad (Moderator will have to provide these instructions to Participants, only if they want them to use it.

30 Audio Control – Designated Q&A
Answer questions in the order that they come in. Automatically open the next line and mute the previous participant after questions are addressed.

31 Audio Control – Dialout

32 More Participant Controls
Promote To Presenter (others can share applications from their own PC Move to Break-Out Room (private audio conference) Disconnect from Audio Rename Un-synchronize Audio and Web (if you made a mistake) Dismiss Participant

33 Lock Meeting Greet and screen new participants
Accept / Reject them from joining

34 Connection Status Audio goes “clear” if participants disconnect
Web goes from green, yellow to Red

35 Polling Questions Gather Data Instantly Publish Results Introduce Interactivity Anonymous

36 Quizzes Assign a passing score Stored in your account Participants receive results immediately

37 Surveys Automatically open at the beginning or end of a meeting Attach to an invitation Active during an archive

38 Reports Meeting Report Quiz Report Survey Report Download to an Excel spreadsheet.

39 Archives Record your web meetings Create Training Libraries or a Lecture Series Deliverable in 3 formats Zip File Hosted Link CD

40 Security Dedicated virtual room, protected by a personal Host code Password protect each meeting Lock a meeting SSL – security on all meetings Participant dismissal

41 Key Applications Training Programs Daily Meetings Internal Communications Product Launches Interactive Demonstrations Sales Presentations Project Management Help Desk Support Webinars

42 Participant Login Invitations
From Invitation

43 Participant Login Home Page
Go to> Enter Participant Passcode

44 Participant Login Enter Name

45 Participant Login – synchronizing
Follow All 4 Steps to Join the Audio * Note - Remind your participants to follow step # 3 (enter Participant ID), even though they are already able to hear the audio portion!

46 Participant Login - Resources
Resources Loading

47 Help Genesys Help Desk 24X7 (for live meeting issues) CIGNA CSC (for issues with downloads or individual PC’s) Toll Free: Toll: "CIGNA CENTRAL" During a Meeting hit *10* or click User Guides

48 Thank you for joining today’s training of the CIGNA Meeting Center!
Stay Tuned in for Q&A Thank you for joining today’s training of the CIGNA Meeting Center! Please fill out the exit survey that will pop open on your screen. Your feedback is valuable!

49 Q & A Verbal Questions? Text Questions?
Type questions in the box provided and hit send.

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