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1 Hosted Voice Product Training Standard CommPortal.

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1 1 Hosted Voice Product Training Standard CommPortal

2 2 Agenda 1.Customer Resource Page 2.How to Log In 3.“Help” Button 4.Dashboard 5.Messages & Calls 6.Contacts 7.Call Manager Summary Forwarding Follow Me Screening 8.Applications Call Me 9.Settings Security – 911 Blocking Preferences Messaging Phones configuration 10.Contacts

3 3 Resource Center

4 4 Log In Go to Open up a web browser You will enter the following : Number – This is your 10 digit telephone number. Please enter numbers only without dashes Password– This will be the same password that you have for your voic

5 5 Powerful “Help” Tool At anytime the extensive “Help” topics are available for the user to assist them with first time issues.

6 6 Call Button Allows the system to dial to a number but will always display the office number as the caller ID despite the physical phone the call is being placed from.

7 7 CommPortal (User Dashboard) Web-based interface to manage system 1.Dashboard : Provides a quick view of the most common functions 2.Messages & Calls : Provides call history 3.Contacts : Provides a method for storing and retrieving contact details 4.Call Manager : Allows customer to manage how incoming calls are handled 5.Apps Download “Call Me” button 6.Settings : Provides access to call service settings

8 8 Messages & Call The Messages & Calls page allows you to manage and listen to your voic s, view your faxes, and view details of your recent missed, dialed, and received calls. The export feature allows you to export lists of your missed, dialed, received, rejected and received calls as a text file in CSV format.

9 9 Messages & Call / Messages Allows you to see and listen to voice mails messages

10 10 Messages & Call / Missed View missed calls

11 11 Messages & Call / Dialed View dialed calls

12 12 View received calls Messages & Call / Recieved

13 13 View deleted calls Messages & Call / Deleted

14 14 This page allows you to manage your Contact ListContact List and Speed Dials.Speed Dials It also shows you your Extensions and Short Codes.Short Codes Standard Seat = 250 Contacts Contacts / Contact List

15 15 Select File > Import and Export from the main menu Choose "Export to a file" and press the Next button Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows) and press the Next button Select your Contacts folder and press the Next button Choose a location to save the CSV file to and press the Next button. Remember where you have saved the file as you will need this again shortly. Press the Finish button. To Import Contacts from Outlook: Then click on the Import button Contacts / Contact List

16 16 Speed Dial - This is the short number you will use when dialing from your phone. Number - This is the full number that you wish to call when using this speed dial entry. Contacts / Speed DIals

17 17 This is a listing of all the parties within your Business Group Contacts / Extensions

18 18 Short codes allow you to quickly dial common numbers that are set up by the Business Group Administrator. Contacts / Short Codes

19 19 Call Manager Call Manager allows you to define how your incoming calls are handled. 1.Ring your Phone. 2.Send to Voic . 3.Forward to another number. 4. Find Me / Follow Me. Incoming Calls The summary tab provides a description of how calls you receive will be handled, taking into account the settings for all of your incoming call services and any interactions between them.

20 20 Call Manager Immediately When enabled, this service immediately forwards all calls you receive to an alternate destination.

21 21 Call Manager Busy / No Answer In addition to the configuration for busy call forwarding and no answer call forwarding, there is also an option to use same call forwarding configuration for both services. When enabled, this service forwards calls to an alternate destination any time your line is busy.

22 22 Call Manager Selected Callers When enabled, this service immediately forwards calls from specific callers to an alternate destination.

23 23 Call Manager Forwarding Destinations If you frequently forward your calls to certain numbers (for example your own home, work, or mobile number), configuring them as forwarding destinations makes your others services easier to use.

24 24 Call Manager / Follow Me When enabled, this service redirects calls that you receive to one or more alternate destinations. You may configure multiple destinations to ring in turn, simultaneously, or a combination of the two.

25 25 Find Me / Follow Me Ensure that you do not miss important calls Your Mobile Your Desk Phone Home Phone Route calls from your number to multiple numbers - One time - Sequential - Time of Day

26 26 Call Manager “ Follow Me” To configure this service, you must define a number of rules. Each rule defines a destination you want to ring when you receive a call, and how long you wish that destination to ring for. Each rule is assigned to a numbered step. As soon as you receive a call, all destinations referred to by rules in step 1 begin to ring simultaneously. As soon as the last of these destinations has completed ringing, all destinations referred to by rules in step 2 begin to ring simultaneously and so on. This continues until the call is answered or all configured destinations have been rung. You can have up to a maximum of 6 steps, and multiple rules may be assigned to each step.

27 27 Call Manager / “Follow Me”

28 28 Call Manager / “Follow Me” 1.Rings “Desk Phone” for 15 seconds 2. Then rings “Cell Phone” for 15 seconds AND 3.Rings “Lisa Cell” for 15 seconds simultaneously 4. Finally, rings “Desk Phone” again for 15 seconds 5.If no phone is answered, call will left in the “Desk Phones” voice mail box Each ring is approximately 5 seconds long

29 29 Call Manager Selective Rejection When enabled, this service rejects calls from specific callers. Rejected callers hear an announcement telling them that you do not wish to take their call. You can enable or disable this service.

30 30 Call Manager Anonymous Rejection When enabled, this service rejects calls from callers who withhold their caller ID. Rejected callers hear an announcement telling them that you do not wish to take their call. You can enable or disable this service.

31 31 Call Manager Priority Call When this service is enabled, calls from specific callers ring your phone with a distinctive ringing signal. You can enable or disable this service.

32 32 Applications (Apps) “Call Me” allows you to add a button to a website or signature, allowing people to phone you by simply clicking on the button. Your account will be charged for the cost of the calls made using Call Me buttons.

33 33 Settings / Account Allows you to change you login password for the CommPortal and Voice Mail.

34 34 Settings / Account – Change Password Enter current password Enter new password Confirm new password Note: New password must be between 6 & 20 digits

35 35 Settings / Sub Menu – Emergency (911) Allows the user to set the location for emergency 911 phone calls

36 36 Settings / Sub Menu – Emergency (911) Fill out all fields and click “Update Address”

37 37 Settings / Calls / General Ability to withhold caller ID when dialing out. When receiving an inbound call: Display caller name Display caller number

38 38 Settings / Calls / Call Blocking Allows you to restrict which types of calls can be made from your telephone. Default is to block International Calls x

39 39 Settings / Calls / Call Me Button Ability to enable the “Call Me” button for use with .

40 40 Settings / Messages Allows you to configure various aspects of your messaging service.

41 41 Settings / Messages Allows the system to forward an attachment of a voice mail left by customer to an address. Enter address and click “Apply”. One message is approximately 250 – 500 kb of space

42 42 Settings / Messages Skip Pin – No password required when accessing voice mail from desk phone. Fast Login – when accessing voice mail from a phone other then desk phone you only need to enter password not mail box number. Auto-Play – Messages automatically play when voice mail is accessed. Voice Mail Playback – Allows user to configure if they want to hear envelope information and message or message only.

43 43 Settings / Messaging / Voic Greetings Allows user to record a message using a microphone attached to PC. Record multiple greetings for: personal greeting, extended absence or spoken name Configure which greeting to play when a caller gets voice mail

44 44 Settings / Notififcations / MWI Specify if you want your “Message Waiting Indicator” light to flash when you receive a voic message.

45 45 Settings / Notifications / Allows the system to notify multiple addresses when a voice mail message is left

46 46 Settings / Notifications / Outdial This feature enables you to configure the voic system to call you whenever you receive a new message. You can choose whether you want to be called every time you receive a message, or only when you receive a certain type of message. User can specify the number of attempts the system tries to reach you

47 47 Settings / Notifications / Override This feature allows you to override the Outdial notification for a day or multiple days. An example might be while on vacation

48 48 The Reminders service allows you to configure your phone to ring at a specified time and date (for example as a wake-up call). Settings / Messaging / Reminders

49 49 Settings / Account / Devices This tab provides a link to the interface that you use to configure your desk phone. Clicking the link opens the interface in its own window.

50 50 Customize IP Phone Buttons 50 With the cursor positioned over a button, If red halo, button cannot be changed

51 51 Customize IP Phone Buttons With the cursor positioned over a button, If blue halo, button can be changed Drop Down Menu Selections

52 52 For any questions or additional help, visit - or - Contact our Customer Care

53 53 When you exit this training session, you will automatically be linked to “Survey Monkey”, a training survey evaluation. This survey will help us improve the training content and effectiveness of our facilitators. confidential secure The survey is confidential and secure. Please complete the survey and have a great day.

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