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Day 1.

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0 PathNet General Laboratory
King Saud University Hospitals PathNet General Laboratory Kickoff and System Review Wajahat Halim

1 Day 1

2 Introductions Name Position
What improvement / enhancement you would like to have in your current system?

3 Agenda Solution Key Terms and Concepts Solution Demo
PathNet General Laboratory Overview Workflows Solution Demo Onsite Walk Through (OWA) Learning and Training Materials Method M Open House Script WBT – U Learn

4 Agenda Contd Design Decision Matrix – DDM
Data Collection Workbook – DCW Presentation of Data Collection Workbook Session Wrap Up and Next Step Weekly Calls List of names and s

5 Objectives of this week
Be familiar with the different General Laboratory sections Get initial understanding of the applications Get introduced to PathNet terminology Discuss the current state/future state workflow Introduce the Data Collection Workbooks – DCWs Introduce the Design Decision Matrix - DDM

6 PathNet General Laboratory

7 PathNet Gen Lab PathNet PathNet General Laboratory: Solutions Provided
Clients PathNet General Laboratory: Fully automates clinical, financial, and managerial processes associated with different Gen lab sections Integrates with all other Cerner Millennium solutions Automate the process of healthcare in the general laboratory areas by reducing turnaround times, reducing costs, simplifying specimen management, and improving the quality of patient care

8 PathNet Gen Lab Contd It provides: specimen management and aliquot features, instrument interfaces, result entry and review functions, autoverification, worksheets for the manual areas, and result inquiry Quality control functions are available for traditional quality control, patient data monitoring, and round robin functions Management report options are available to provide the laboratory manager with information necessary for the day-to-day operation of the laboratory

9 PathNet Gen Lab Contd Areas within General Laboratory
Clinical Chemistry Hematology Immunology / Serology Toxicology

10 Day 2

11 Workflow Process PathNet Orders Process PathNet Specimen Management
PathNet Results Process

12 Solution Demo

13 PathNet Gen Lab Solution Demo
Application Bar Place Orders Collection List Specimen Log in Modify Collections Transfer Specimens Label Reprint Accession Result Entry Order Result Viewer Pending Inquiry Worklists Container Inquiry

14 Data Collection Workbooks (DCWs)

15 KSUH Specimen Management DCW
Central Processing Service Areas Login & Tracking Locations Collection Priority Accession Classes Specimen Types Collection Method Collection Classes Containers Special Handling Cancel Reasons Reasons Missed Collection Lists Collection Templates

16 Day 3

17 KSUH Gen Lab Data Collection Workbook (DCW)
Physical Lab Layout Orders Associated Assays Caresets Routing Collection Requirements Aliquots Reference Ranges Interpretive Data Duplicate Checking Storage Tracking Haematology Considerations Urinalysis Considerations

18 Day 4

19 KSUH Gen Lab Miscellaneous DCW
Calculations Word Processing Templates Interpretations Worklists Reflex Rules Diff Keyboard Management Reporting Clinical Validation Autoverification (concepts) Operations (concepts)

20 Day 5

21 Method M, WBT’s and Open House

22 Method M MethodM MethodM Webpage:
MethodM is Cerner’s approach to working with clients to deliver value through our Millennium solutions. This modular methodology draws upon proven practices from a host of past client experiences. With it, a project team is able to deliver the intended outcomes with discipline, predictability, and efficiency.    MethodM Webpage:

23 Web Based Training (WBTs)
WBTs – Web Based Training A computer demo that gives a general overview / introduction to some of the system’s functionalities Gen Lab courses within uLearn: Cerner Millennium: PathNet General Laboratory WBT Cerner Millennium: PathNet Specimen Management WBT

24 Open House Open House Is a self guided demo script gives a general overview/introduction to some of the system’s functionalities Open House Script Link KSUH Open House Gen Lab Script Open House Domain Link Username = KSUSA_OPEN Password = Cerner123

25 Design Decision Matrix

26 Design Decision Matrix
DDM is on Method M High level decisions that will drive functionality within PathNet Each topic provides Cerner recommendation, rationale, other considerations and it will impact the system KSUH DDM

27 Next Steps

28 Next Steps Weekly Team Calls and follow ups-best time
Other data to be collected List of names and s Links Next event

29 Questions?


31 Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory
Mahatma Gandhi

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