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General Laboratory Design Review

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1 General Laboratory Design Review
King Saud University Hospitals (KSUHs) General Laboratory Design Review 16 February, 2013 Wajahat Halim Solution Architect Bilal Mazeh Delivery Consultant

2 Agenda Objectives Project Progress Data Collection Process
Design Decisions Reference Data Manager (RDM) Next Steps Questions

3 Objectives Discuss the project current state and listen to updates from KSUH and Cerner Review Data Collection Workbooks progress and do updates as required Review already taken Design Decisions and finalize the rest of them Introduce Cerner’s new Data Collection tool, Reference Data Manager (RDM) Discuss the coming steps and new assignments Answer any Questions or Concerns that either KSUH or Cerner has

4 Project Progress KSUH, KKUH and KAUH Cerner
General Feedback, Problems and Challenges What went well? What needs improvement? Cerner Feedback Build Progress

5 Data Collection Answer any Questions or Concerns
Review the existing DCWs: KSUH Specimen Management DCW KSUH General Laboratory DCW Introduce the following new DCWs: KSUH Miscellaneous DCW KSUH QC DCW

6 Design Decisions Answer any Questions or Concerns
Complete Unfinalized Decisions General Laboratory DDM

7 Reference Data Manager (RDM)
New Data Collection Methodology RDM Advantages Multiple editors at the same time No need to check out or check in Data Validation Data Completion and Accuracy Reports RDM Demo

8 Assignment and Next Steps
KSUH to Complete Data Collection Process with Cerner’s support KSUH to Review and Confirm Design Decisions as Required Cerner to Continue Building and Configuring eSIHI system Next Step, System Validation Session Review System Validation Guide on MethodM Attend and Participate in System Validation Workshop Identify Super Users Begin to identify testing and training timelines

9 How Do You Feel Now?

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