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Ana Todoroska IV-1. WHAT MAKES A GOOD COMMUNICATOR ? I think an extensive vocabulary is one of the important factors for good communication. With extensive.

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1 Ana Todoroska IV-1

2 WHAT MAKES A GOOD COMMUNICATOR ? I think an extensive vocabulary is one of the important factors for good communication. With extensive vocabulary we leave better impression. To being a good listener is also one of the factor for good communicator. We should to listen the people who tell us something, also we should let people to finish, then we can respond or supplement.

3 INTERNAL COMMUNICATION Communication problems: High technology; information overload; common loyalties To solve paperwork problem, the company is installing an automated system. With this new system, the procedures of shipping become easily, and everyone confirm the information. With such a new tool, the communication is getting easier and easier. On the other hand, technological development also make bad points. The most famous new device, e-mail, reduces the employee’s concentration. They always pay attention for their e-mails, sometimes skip their meeting. He suggested worker should check only three times a day, and set a time period for it. Moreover, the people simply push ‘reply all’ button make, bombarding people with information.

4 CASE STUDY, WRITING AN E-MAIL, HCPS To: HCPS From: Todoroska Ana Subject: Solutions Date: 01.10.2012 Dear President, I’m Todoroska Ana and I like to give some advice for your 3 problems; 1. The first is the huge number of e-mail : you need to have a person who will be tasked to take care of all incoming e-mails. Some are important some are not. My advice is checking only important e-mails. 2. No staff-lounge : I think that you should to open this. The staff-lounge is good place where we can give some solution, ideas… I hope, my advice will help you to response your problems.

5 INTERNATIONAL MARKETING A - Think of one brand in each of these categories which is marketed internationally Food > McDonalds hamburger Drink > Coca-Cola Electrical equipment > Apple Clothing > Chanel, Nike, Adidas Construction > Turner B – Discuss these questions What are the advantages for a company of expanding beyond its domestic market? - The advantages for the company's expansion: a good idea, profit, managerial skills. What kinds of problems do companies face when they go international ? - Difficulties in sales, higher costs, different flavors. What methods can companies use to enter overseas markets? - To be competitive, researching customers and markets abroad, carrying out and commissioning research on overseas markets, build a marketing plan for overseas markets Discussing global brands

6 COFFEE CULTURE A- Answer these questions Which hot drinks are popular in your country ? -Macchiato, Turkish coffee, Tea What is your favorite hot drink ? -Hot chocolate Which five words do you associate with coffee? - Brazil, black, Turkish, aroma, hot B- Read the article quickly and identify the country or countries where the statement is true. - People in this country would rather drink tea than coffee. - Chile - People in this country would rather drink instant coffee. – Chile - In this country coffee is usually free after dinner restaurants. – Brazil - In this country people drink 345 cups of coffee a year. – US -In this country people drink 4kg of whole or ground coffee beans per year. – Argentina and Peru C- Answer these questions -Where and when did Starbucks begins?- Pike Place Market, Seattle in 1971 -How many stores does it own in a) North America- 3,907 b) the rest of the world 437 -How many stores does it allow others to operate in - a) North America-1,378 b) the rest of the world-1,180 -Which overseas market did Starbucks enter first? Japan -In what sort of places can you find Starbucks sales-points? Airline offices, sports stadiums, hotels, bookshops -According to the article what four problems has Starbucks had?. Home market saturation, bad experience in Japan, security problems in Israel, opposition from anti-globalization movement.

7 STARBUCKS B. One word in each group does not make a compound noun with the word in bold. Cross it out 1.Marketing - campaign / budget / leader / strategy 2.Market - research / survey / check / sector 3.Product – market / range / features / manager 4.Advertising – campaign / exchange / agency / slogan / 5.Brand – awareness / loyalty / image / contract 6.Sales – figures / conditions / forecast / targets 7.Price – promotion / rise / product / range C. The words in each of the noun phrases below are in the wrong order. Write the phrases in their correct form 1. Really impressive sales figures 2. New department public relations 3. Highly ambitious market research programmed 4. Expanding operations overseas 5. Rapidly improving balance sheet 6. Extremely volatile exchange rate 7. Highly confidential marketing report

8 BRAINSTORMING Brainstorming is a useful way of generating creative ideas in meetings. Decide which tips below are good advice and which ones you disagree with. Then compare your answers with a partner. 1.Explain the purpose of the meeting clearly. - Yes 2. Ask each person to speak in turn, starting with the most senior. -No, because anyone can say what thinks always 3. Announce the time limit for the meeting. - This is good idea 4. Avoid criticizing or judging ideas during the session. - No, is not good idea 5. Encourage ideas, however unusual they may be. - No 6. Don’t interrupt when people offering suggestions. -This is good idea because everyone can to say what thinks 7. Make sure everyone keeps to the point. - Theoretically, the speculation should be as wide-ranging as possible, but most participants would probably set limits as to what is relevant 8. Don’t spend time on details. - No because the details are the most important.

9 Formal e-mail: Creating a global brand from sports drink (ZUMO)

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