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STARBUCKS Evelyn - Chanel - Balazs - Natalie - Alicia.

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1 STARBUCKS Evelyn - Chanel - Balazs - Natalie - Alicia

2 History The first Starbucks was opened in Seattle, on March 30, 1971 by three teachers. Starbucks got it’s name from a character in the book Moby Dick.

3 The company slowly began to expand and now is available in over 55 countries.

4 The Company Offers:  Brewed Coffee  Espresso Beverages  Tazo Teas  Frappuccino Blended Beverages  Vivanno Smoothies  Baked goods  Starbucks Petites  Hot Breakfast Sandwiches  Kids’ Drinks  Ice cream

5 Misconceptions In the past, Starbucks has been thought to have been franchised and according to the Starbucks website, the company has and will always be corporate owned. A lot of people mock Starbucks’s efforts as an environmentally conscious company but Starbucks encourages their costumers to visit their website and learn about all the ways Starbucks is helping our environment.

6 Mission Statement “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”

7 Strengths  Best quality coffee out there with 100% Arabica Beans  Healthy variety of foods without any artificial ingredients or flavors.  Good and friendly customer service  Involved in the community

8 Weaknesses  Prices  Doesn’t serve the fast food crazed society of today.  Just now started to advertise through billboards and television.

9 Opportunities  Starbucks can expand and offer many more products at lower prices to lower income customers.  Starbucks can influence other companies to have healthy relationships with other companies who provide or grow their food

10 Threats

11 The Past, Present and Future In the past, Starbucks’s main focus was coffee and specialty drinks. Because of the current high demand and new found popularity of frozen yogurt, Starbucks decided to expand and reach out to a new market while still serving the health conscious customer. Starbucks hopes to continue to cater to the health conscious society of today and tomorrow.

12 Potential Issues Pricing Customers might hesitate to spend $3.25 for 5oz of frozen yogurt Competitors Frozen yogurt shops McDonalds

13 Mission and Vision for the Product Starbucks Frozen Yogurt will be the new addition to the refreshing line of quality refreshments from Starbucks. It will offer an all natural alternative to staying refreshed and healthy while being infused with just enough caffeine for a healthy jump start to your day.

14 Starbucks Frozen Yogurt Available in Chocolate, Vanilla and a new flavor (pomegranate, strawberry, mango, and peanut butter) is rotated every week throughout the month. Customers have the choice to add dried fruit or nuts to their yogurt free of charge!

15 Starbucks Frozen Yogurt Our yogurt is 100% Natural Fat Free Organic Has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

16 Values We expect the making of this product to leave the least environmental footprint it can. The cups will be made from 100% post-consumer material. It will not have any mystery ingredients. Our customers will be able to trust what is in our product.

17 Objectives  We intend this product to become a favorite and best selling product in all stores. Starting in Florida, we eventually plan to expand throughout America.  We will re-train every Barista to perfect the art of making frozen yogurt to the Starbucks standards. We will also change the menu boards in lieu of our new product.

18 Objectives To continue to be the number one coffeehouse company in the world To offer a new alternative to healthy conscious customers

19 Target Audience All ages Families Anyone who wants a healthy boost of energy.

20 Communication  We will advertise on television, bill boards, and major magazines.  Incorporating the frozen yogurt machines in all Florida stores.  Advertising on store and setting up promotional offers.

21 Evaluation  Based on surveys we will adjust promotional offers, flavors, and pricing depending on profit. We will decide if to keep certain flavors permanent. Incorporate bigger sizes depending on demand in the future.  If the product doesn’t reach our intended profit level or doesn’t satisfy customer needs, we will slowly discontinue it.

22 Starbucks Frozen Yogurt

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