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What is your product? Who are your costumers? Who is your competition? Are you international? If you are international, why selling internationally?

Make a commercial for your company Be creative Make an slogan Be brief

“The world’s youth prefer Coke to tea, trainers to sandals and burgers to home made cooking” Tastes everywhere are becoming similar and homogenous. WHY? There are still wide variations in taste, customs, behavior expectations between costumers in different markets even when the outside ones look similar to ours! Acting local means: Having local market knowledge, recognize attachments to local brands and how business is done in each place. “THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL” Of course there are issues that a company with a global presence has to address such as; It may seem easy but it took Marlboro 30 years and McDonald’s 20 years to become global organizations Commitment Investment Risk

How to enter the overseas market in the first place? Indirect export Use an intermediary such an export agent to deal with buyers in the overseas Direct export Companies handle their own exports by setting up overseas sales offices Licensing Companies sell the rights to use manufacturing process, trademarks or patent for a fee Joint Venture Two companies, a local one and an overseas one work together to develop a particular market but remain independent Consolidation The combining of separate companies, functional areas, or product lines, into a single one. Differs from a merger in that a new entity is created Merger The combining of two or more entities into one, through a purchase acquisition or a pooling of interests. Differs from a consolidation in that no new entity is created from a merger

5 VOCABULARY PRACTICE 1. Because of tight _________________ company profits could not taken out of the company. 2. Red tape and other examples of ____________________ hinder a company’s entry to the market. 3. The country is attractive to exporters because it has enjoyed ______________ for the last 50 years. 4. The purchasing behavior of consumers can be described as their _______________. 5. The ________________ is improving leading to a rise in employment. 6. _______________ is a term used by economists to describe how wealth is shared in a country. Buying habits Government bureaucracy Monetary regulations Economic situation Income distribution Political stability

What do they have different?

7 “Perfect Cup of Coffee”
Points to Learn from the Starbucks Marketing Strategy Every business can learn from another, especially if a particular business is one that has displayed tremendous success over the years. The Starbucks Corporation and its successful marketing strategies are definitely something that anyone interested in business can learn about. What sort of techniques did the company use, and how were these able to reach out and attract millions of people worldwide? Some of their best strategies are outlined below. “Perfect Cup of Coffee” Starbucks history has shown that they place a huge emphasis on product quality. Their coffee, even if priced slightly more expensive than expected, is notorious for satisfying customers with its rich, delicious taste and aroma.  “Third Place” From the very beginning, the Starbucks marketing strategy has focused on creating the “third place” for everyone to go to between home and work. Creating this unique and relaxing “experience” and “atmosphere” for people has been very important for the company as they have realized that this is one of the strongest concepts attached to the company, to which customers have been strongly attracted.

8 “Customer Satisfaction”
Customer satisfaction is a very important issue with Starbucks. From entrance to the store to the very last drop of their coffees, it is a must that customers feel the uniqueness of enjoying their Starbucks coffee experience. Without a doubt, Starbucks Coffee Company knows the answer to the question, "Why is customer service important." “Brand Marketing” The Starbucks marketing strategy has always focused on “word-of-mouth” advertising and letting the high quality of their products and services speak for themselves. For years, this has been uniquely Starbucks, and it has played a huge part in making Starbucks Coffee Company a success. The definition of viral marketing speaks to this new word of mouth that Starbucks has run with, and made their own.

9 NOUN COMPOUNDS Increasingly difficult market conditions long-term
It is 2 nouns together but they are shorter than a conventional noun phrase. For example: An export license instead of a license to export A consumer protection law instead of a law for the protection of consumers HEAD NOUN ADVERB ADJECTIVE NOUN Increasingly difficult market conditions long-term marketing strategy


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