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Enhancing the transportation surveillance Andrea Sorri.

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1 Enhancing the transportation surveillance Andrea Sorri

2 Market needs Need: Protect passengers, drivers and internal buses furniture by vandalism.

3 Today As of today: NO camera available that is designed for this purpose. Generic analogue cameras are used.

4 Now: AXIS 209FD-R AXIS 209FD-R is the first camera with special technology and design for busses and track bound traffic.

5 Special technology IP 66, total protection against dust, water and humidity Fixed Ethernet 50cm cable, no risk for leakage Special ”Woodhead” Ethernet connector Build in heater, for low temperature Special mechanics for resistance against vibrations

6 Special technology Tamper resistant mounting Tamper alarm Powered true PoE for easier installation Special design for blend in to buss interior Only 4cm/1.54” high and 10cm/4.02” in circumference

7 Image quality Progressive scan gives sharp image on moving objects VGA gives high resolution AXIS technique gives good image in strong backlight

8 Example Stockholm SL  Over 10.000 AXIS 209FD-R*  Huge installations on station of AXIS 225FD * Installation during 2007

9 This is Stockholm Transport Owned by Stockholm County Council Responsible for public transport in Stockholm county since 1835 650.000 passengers per weekday More than 50% of all public transport in Sweden SL operates Metro, Buses, Commuter trains and Local railways

10 The Security Project SL Safety Central opened July 1, 2005 The Security project covers:  Buses  Stockholm Metro  Commuter trains

11 “Block 1” commissioned during October Including the stations:  Slussen  Zinkensdamm  Mälarhöjden  Midsommarkransen  Aspudden Equipped with cameras for:  Over view  Identification  Unauthorized track access

12 Picture from Aspudden station The installations continues To include all stations in the Stockholm Metro system All installations completed October 2007

13 Unauthorized track access using video Detects people in the track area Alarm automatically raised in the system To be installed in all underground stations

14 Help phones Direct contact with “Safety Central” Camera integrated in Help Phone Enables the operator to get a direct view and to playback the sequence prior to the call, voice & video The operator has access to all cameras in the station area

15 Bus Cameras A “trail project” with five buses in the city centre area since August Installations starts January Estimated completion one year after start of installations The bus cameras are integrated into the Video Management System  “Onboard” recording when bus is in service  Wireless communication to the Safety Central  System failure monitoring DVSS Mobile Access pointCamera Vips Stationary Server Wireless LAN TryNet

16 Fire Alarm Fire alarm in all tunnels and stations The fire alarm includes toxic gas detection The fire alarm is integrated in the Video and Alarm management System Fire alarm system Operator Station

17 Maps & GPS positioning Alarm management Video management General PC (webb, e-mail) Operator view

18 Vandalism Database ”SkadeDB” collects grafitti reports in a database Used for:  Reports to the Police  Compiling and follow up on court cases  Grafitti statistics  Follow up on cost for removing grafitti Commissioning in progress after completed trail period

19 Questions & answers Thank you

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