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Company Profile.

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1 Company Profile

2 SIELTE is a leading Company in System & Service Integration for Telecommunications Networks (Fixed and Mobile), Transport and Advanced Technological Systems. In civil, industrial and military sectors also Surveillance, Security, Supervision and Communication Systems. SIELTE also offers a wide portfolio of solutions and Turn-Key services, covering the value chain from Engineering to Implementation, Technical Assistance and Operation & Maintenance. 2

3 Telecommunications 3

4 Telecommunications Design&Engineering – Installation – Commissioning & Maintenance NGN Network Fibre Optic Networks Core Networks Equipment XDSL and IPTV for Business and residential customers (with services’ activation) Copper Networks Structured cabling for LAN and DATA networks Mobile & Wireless networks (GSM-UMTS-HDSPA-LTE-WIMAX-HYPERLAN- WIFI) Turn-Key realization of radio base station sites Energy system & CDZ in RNC, BSC, TRAU transmission rooms Radio link networks Wireless, radio and mobile radio coverage extension in road tunnels DVBT Networks 4

5 Telecommunications References 7

6 Infrastructures and Transports

7 Infrastructures and Transports
Automation, Security, Supervisory and Control Systems Power Supply Distribution Systems HVAC Systems (heating ,ventilation, air conditioning Systems) Energy Systems Transports Detailed design & construction of MV/LV power plants, and SSE power transformation plants Contact lines installation for railways and underground metro Railways Signaling System implementation, using cable or radio (ground to train systems, mobile coverage extension inside tunnels, GSM-R) Implementation of road and city surveillance systems (video surveillance, information to the public, limited traffic zone, traffic lights systems, bus parks and public parks supervision) Marine Traffic surveillance systems 7

8 Infrastructures and Transports
References 8

9 OIL & GAS 9

10 Activities in the Oil & Gas Sector
As a manufacturers independent Company we propose to our Customers Turnkey Telecom/Security Systems Integration Services: Design&Engineering: Our skilled and experienced engineers and technicians evaluate, design and produce high level detailed Project documentation, drawings, reports, calculation, in accordance with customer standards. Project Management: Our skilled Project Managers drive internal and external activities necessary to comply with customers schedule and requirements. Procurement: Equipment selection and procurement are made in accordance with engineering activities and in compliance with customer specifications. Test: FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), IFAT (Integrated Factory Acceptance Test) prior to delivery of materials on site are carried out by our personnel at supplier premises and/or Sielte Test Plant. Construction : On Site Systems Installation/Supervision to Installation, Testing and Commissioning of supplied Systems are performed through our Expat/Local Supervisors under the coordination of our skilled Site Managers. On the job Trainings and Maintenance are also usually offered to our Customers. 10

11 Oil & Gas 11 Sielte solutions in the Oil & Gas Sector
Sielte, being a manufacturers independent Company, is able to propose to its Customers the best and cost effective Telecom/Security/Safety Integrated Systems Solutions, to meet specific requirement. Telecommunications Systems - Copper&Fibre Optic, Microwave, LAN-WAN, PABX, PMR Systems (UHF/VHF/TETRA), VSAT. Security Systems - Public Address & General Alarm (PAGA), Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV), Access Control Systems (ACS), Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS). Technological Systems - Meteorological, Master Clock, Recording Systems, Ship to Shore, CATV. Network Management Systems - Supervisory and Control Systems Safety Systems - HVAC (heating ,ventilation, air conditioning) Systems, Power Supply Distribution Systems, Fire&Gas Detection System 11

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