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“A Christmas Memory” By: Truman Capote Morgan – Todd - Katie.

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1 “A Christmas Memory” By: Truman Capote Morgan – Todd - Katie

2 Truman Capote Born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1924 Parents divorced shortly after his birth. Had a lonely child hood. He was friends with many famous people, including Harper Lee. (The author of To Kill a Mockingbird.) Enrolled in private schools in Connecticut and New York. He died in 1984.

3 Vocabulary Inaugurate- To make a formal beginning. The president was inaugurated in 2009. Conspiracy- The act of secretly planning together. The criminals had a conspiracy to break out of jail

4 Vocabulary Continued Potent- Having or exercising force or power. Her perfume was potent, in the small room. Muse- To think or reflect especially in a dreamy or moody manner. The student mused about his future career.

5 Theme A theme in “A Christmas Memory” is friendship. This is identifiable because of the tight bond between the 2 protagonists, despite their large age difference. They both work hard and fulfill their shared goal, to send out fruitcakes to many people they know. Neither of them think of themselves but of each other.

6 Literary Elements Characters: Old lady, Buddy, Queenie, Mr. Haha Jones, Mrs. Jones. Setting: Late November, in a small town. 1800’s Basic Situation: Buddy and the old lady save money all year to make fruitcakes to giveaway to people they know. Internal Conflict: The old lady and Buddy don't know what to give each other for Christmas. External Conflict: The old lady and Buddy don't have enough money to buy each other what they would really like to give. Complications: They use all of their money to make the fruitcakes. Climax: Buddy who is now in military school does not get a letter from the old lady, signaling her death. Resolution: Buddy continues to attend military school. Dynamic Characters: Queenie, Mr. and Mrs. Jones Static Characters: Old lady, Buddy

7 Dig Deeper The Christmas Memory reflects on how Truman Capote grew up. Truman resembles the boy in this story because he grew up with an older cousin, Nanny Rumbley Faulk. The lack of parents in the story resembles the fact that Truman's parents divorced when he was 4 and he did not have much contact with them. He also attended a military school as a young adult, as Buddy did in the story.

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