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“The Gift of the Magi” page 524

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1 “The Gift of the Magi” page 524
O. Henry

2 The Magi The 3 Wisemen who brought gifts to the infant, Jesus

3 About the Author… O. Henry
Lived Greensboro, North Carolina O. Henry is his pen-name (William Sydney Porter) See brief bio on page 530

4 Questions What did Della want to buy for her husband for Christmas? How much money did she have to start with? Something very special “worthy of being owned by him” (Henry 525) $1.87 What did Della sell to get the $20.00 she needed to buy her husband’s present? Where did this occur? Della sold her hair to get the money she needed to buy the present. This happened at Mme. Sofronie’s “Hair Goods of All Kinds” (526) What did Jim buy for his wife for Christmas? Jim bought Della hair combs. (529)

5 Questions (CONT) How much money did Jim make a week at his job?
Jim made $20.00 per week (525). How old is Jim? Jim is 22 years old (527). What do we learn about the relationship between Della and Jim? Do they love each other even at the end of the story? Della and Jim love each other. They are affectionate and generous. Yes, they do love each other even at the end of the story (530). What are the Magi? The Magi are the Wisemen. How is the title significant to the meaning of the story? Della and Jim are “the Magi” because they are the wisest gift givers– gifts out of love & sacrifice (530).

6 Questions (CONT) What experience in giving can you relate to that makes this short story famous? What is Christmas to you after reading “The Gift of the Magi”?

7 EXPOSITION Characters Setting Basic Situation
MAIN - Della Young (main character – protagonist) MINOR - Jim Young (Mr. James Dillingham Young) Madame Sofronie Setting Early 1900’s Christmas Eve New York City apartment (flat) Basic Situation Poor Della’s love for her husband Prize Possessions

8 Conflict Central Conflict
Della has only a $1.87 to buy her husband, Jim, a Christmas gift. EXTERNAL: Della vs. poverty (society)

9 Rising Action Della decides to cut her hair (Henry 526).
Minor Conflict – INTERNAL She cries as she stands looking at her hair in the mirror Della sells her hair for $20.00 (Henry 526). Shopping and Buys the Fob Chain for Jim (Henry 526). Curls her short hair and waits for Jim (Henry 527). Jim is surprised and Della tells him what she has done (Henry 527). Jim gives Della her Christmas gift (Henry 529).

10 Climax Della opens the gift from Jim and sees the hair combs that she has longed for (Henry 529).

11 Falling Action Della reacts to the combs– begins to cry (Henry 529)
They embrace (Henry 529) Della gives Jim the chain for his watch (Henry 530)

12 Resolution Jim tells Della that he sold his watch to buy the combs (Henry 530)

13 Theme Some things in life are more important than money or coveted gifts. Love, Generosity, Kindness – spiritual gifts are more valuable than material gifts

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