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Great Expectations genre: novel author: Charles Dickens

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1 Great Expectations genre: novel author: Charles Dickens
setting: London, England and nearby small village; 1840s-1860s

2 Pip (Philip Pirrip) orphan
age 7 at start; events follow him until adulthood characterized as a complicated, realistic young person: generous and kind, but sensitive to his place in society; can be selfish in quest for improvement

3 significant characters:
Joe Gargery—Pip’s brother-in-law, best friend, and substitute father Mrs. Joe—Pip’s sister Miss Havisham—eccentric rich woman in Pip’s home village Estella—Miss H’s adopted daughter Magwitch—a convict and Pip’s benefactor Herbert Pocket—Pip’s best friend in London

4 minor characters: Biddy—good friend of Pip’s back home
Mr. Jaggers—lawyer; Pip’s guardian Wemmick—clerk for Jaggers; befriends and helps Pip Mr. Pumblechook—Joe’s uncle; introduces Pip to Miss H Compeyson—Magwitch’s partner in crime; also man who jilted Miss H

5 significant elements:
an internal conflict for Pip Pip struggles to accept himself person v. society Dickens criticizes social class structure told in first person (reflective) allows Pip to emphasize certain events Pip is in control of details; he offers criticism and commentary

6 significant events: Pip (age 7) helps an escaped convict
he begins visits to Miss H; realizes that others look down on his social class becomes Joe’s apprentice but wants more learns of his expectations moves to London to be educated and exposed to upper class society (~15) turns his back on Joe

7 more events: arranges to help Herbert start in business
meets his benefactor, Magwitch (Pip is 23) confronts Miss H; Estella marries plans to sneak Magwitch out of country Miss H agrees to help Herbert; Pip saves her from fire Compeyson turns in Magwitch

8 even more events: Magwitch is severely injured and is sent to jail; Pip remains by his side Magwitch dies—Pip is left penniless Pip becomes very ill; Joe cares for him Pip learns that Joe paid his debts Joe and Biddy marry Pip works for Herbert and pays back debt resolution: Pip learns to accept himself

9 literary techniques: characterization of Pip irony
generally kind and generous critical of himself; selfish but sensitive to treatment of others dynamic character irony Pip’s benefactor is a convict not an upper class person Pip left Joe for someone less respected Miss H’s plans for revenge leave her sad and lonely

10 more techniques: symbolism Satis House = Enough House
decayed state of house represents life of characters who are not satisfied with what they have Miss Havisham Pip Estella also an irony

11 themes: People should be valued for who they are, not based on social status. A true friend will be stay by your side and accept you despite your flaws. While seeking a goal, you should not take for granted what you already have. Love and friendship are more important than money.

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