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The Gift of the Magi Study Guide.

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1 The Gift of the Magi Study Guide

2 I. VOCABULARY Imputation Parsimony Depreciate Prudence
(n.) an accusation Parsimony (n.) stinginess Depreciate (v.) to lessen the price or value of Prudence (n.) caution

3 II. Literary Terms foreshadowing example
an author‘s use of clues to prepare readers for events that will happen in a story example

4 II. Literary Terms situational irony example
occurs when the outcome of a situation is opposite of what is expected example

5 II. Literary Terms symbolism (symbol) example
any person, place, object, event that exists on a literal level but also represents something on a figurative level example

6 II. Literary Terms allusion example
a reference to a well-known character, place, situation from history, music, art, or another piece of literature example

7 III. Questions How much money does Della have? Della has $1.87.

8 III. Questions What did Della want to do with the money?
Della wants to buy Jim a nice Christmas present with the money she has.

9 III. Questions What is the last name of the family in the story?
The last name of the family is Young.

10 III. Questions What has happened to Jim’s weekly salary?
His salary has gone down from $30 per week to $20 per week.

11 III. Questions What are the two possessions that Jim and Della take a lot of pride in? Jim - his pocket watch Della - her beautiful long hair

12 III. Questions What does Della do for extra money, and how much does she get? She sells her hair to Mme. Sofronie. She gets $20 for her hair. She has a total of $21.87.

13 III. Questions How old is Jim? Jim is twenty-two.
He looks thin and very serious for his age.

14 III. Questions (a) What does Jim give Della as a gift?
Jim gives Della a set of combs for her hair. (b) How is this ironic? Della cut off her hair in order to buy his present. She has no use for the combs anymore.

15 III. Questions (a) How did Jim get the money to buy Della’s gift?
Jim sells his pocket watch to get the money for her gift. (b) How is this ironic? Jim no longer has his pocket watch, so his gift from Della is also useless.

16 Plot TITLE ________________________________
Exposition Setting Situation/Climate Characters INTERNAL or EXTERNAL (circle one) _______________ vs. _______________ Protagonist Antagonist Climax Theme Denouement Plot TITLE ________________________________ author _______________________________ Falling Action Rising Action (List examples that create complications or suspense) Conflict

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