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Truman at the helm/Foundations of the Cold War.. Yalta Feb 1945.

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1 Truman at the helm/Foundations of the Cold War.

2 Yalta Feb 1945

3 Results of Yalta FDR promises to withdraw all U.S. troops from Europe in 2 years. Declaration on Liberated Europe promises "free and unfettered elections", but secret agreement on Curzon boundary Stalin to enter Asia war, and gets S. Sakhalin, Kuriles, control of ports and railroads in Manchuria. China?

4 Potsdam August 1945

5 Results of Potsdam Nazi leaders to be tried as war criminals at Nuremburg. Korea to be divided. Demands unconditional surrender of Japan. Stalin told on July 24 of A-bomb test. Germany to be administered as single economic unit by Allies, but Stalin seals all land access to East Germany

6 Change of heart? 1946 Feb. 9 - Stalin hostile speech - communism & capitalism were incompatible. Feb. 10 - Churchill visit to Truman - argues hard-line response, need to create unified Anglo- American opposition to Stalin Mar. 5 - Churchill's speech at Fulton, Missouri - an "iron curtain" has descended on Europe Bikini Atoll and others


8 Truman Doctrine Brit. Feb. 12 announced Greece pullout  "I believe that it must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures."  "national security" not defense, unilateral not UN, domino theory not regionalism  signed May 22 with Vandenberg amendment that affirmed U.S. support for United Nations


10 Marshall Plan

11 Economic “bullets”

12 “Reds under the bed.” HUAC. Richard Nixon. Joseph McCarthy. Feb 1948 Czech crisis. Loyalty oaths. Alger Hiss. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.

13 Spy v. spy

14 Berlin Airlift June 1948. Lasted for 11 months. Two million lbs. of supplies.

15 1949- Not a good year NATO created. USSR detonates their first atomic bomb. Mao Zedong defeats Chiang Kaishek.

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