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This is not your kindergarten pinch pot

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1 This is not your kindergarten pinch pot

2 kindergarten pinch pots

3 Form: rounded edges, flat bottom

4 Surface: technomorphic finger print impressions on surface

5 lip neck bowl base foot

6 Surface: subtractive pattern
Form: wide bowl gathered neck wavy lip Surface: subtractive pattern

7 Form: truncated cone small foot Surface: subtractive pattern

8 Surface: subtractive line
Form: narrow opening wider center narrowing base small foot Surface: subtractive line smooth with glaze

9 Form: four sides uneven opening no neck

10 Form: uneven lip wide bowl Surface: Smooth with glaze

11 Form: wide base no neck uneven lip Surface: subtractive incising

12 Form: curled lip opening
Surface: subtractive & additive

13 Form: egg-shaped no neck uneven lip Surface: subtractive texture

14 Form: narrow base; wide bowl; uneven lip Surface: additive spikes

15 Form: wide bowl small neck curled lip
Surface: smooth with glaze

16 Form: wide bowl wide opening small neck upright lip Surface: smooth with under-glaze

17 Surface: subtractive- 2 lines
Form: truncated cone wide opening small foot Surface: subtractive- 2 lines dimpled Crazing (cracked glaze)

18 Form: cylindrical flat base no neck flat lip Surface: subtractive texture

19 Surface: subtractive incised
Form: large foot rough opening Surface: subtractive incised

20 Form: conical lid flat ‘neck’ wide bowl narrow base 3 spear-like feet Surface: smooth additive knobs

21 Form: flat lid cylindrical bowl folded base 3 knob-like feet Surface:
subtractive texture additive buttons

22 Directions Create a pinch pot that ‘introduces’ you to others
Design a form that expresses something about you Create surface texture and pattern (using subtractive and/or additive techniques) to further develop your expression

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