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Coil Vessel Vocabulary, Criteria, and Steps.

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1 Coil Vessel Vocabulary, Criteria, and Steps

2 Coil Pot Criteria… Students will create a Coil Pot which…
Is at least 9” in height by 6” in width. The base must be no smaller than 3” wide. Is constructed completely of clay coils that have been slipped, scored, and blended together. Exhibits design elements and pattern created through manipulating coils. Is smoothed entirely on the inside surface. Is underglazed with no less than three contrasting colors and glazed with clear glaze.

3 Coil Pot Design… The coils are both the medium of the piece and a large portion of the final design Things to consider: Shapes used Where used % Smoothed % Coiled Pattern Texture

4 Coil Pot Steps… Draw rough sketches of the shape of the pot you are going to create Pot form should relate to its function Water Jar, Pitcher, Vase, Urn, Lamp, Etc.

5 Coil Pot Steps… Based on your chosen sketch, create your template out of a large piece of sketchbook paper. *Hint*---If you draw one side of the template to scale you can fold the paper in half and trace it so you get a perfect match The template: Acts as a guide Visual reference Basis for coil design

6 Coil Pot Steps… The Base
Make a slab to a thickness of ½” (one-half inch) Draw and cut a circular template out of sketchbook paper that matches the diameter of the base of your piece (3”, 4”, 5”, etc.) Cut out the clay circle and then smooth the base using your rib Make sure to keep your template out on the table with you at all times during construction of the Coil Pot if you use it, so you maintain accuracy

7 Coil Pot Steps… The Coils
Prepare small lumps of clay into a WEDGED, rounded cylinder Only press an amount of coils that you will be able to use during the class period, otherwise the coils have a tendency to dry out quickly

8 Lastly, Coil Pot Steps… Begin construction by slipping and scoring the first row/coil onto the top of the base Attach the coil to the base in the same way as for all previous projects paying close attention to the inside of the pot *Reminder*---Smooth the inside facing side of the coils as you add each level, the outside should maintain the rough coil appearance For each level of coils that you add, you must remember to slip and score the coils together to ensure the best possible adhesion and strength

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