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1 Glazes


3 Running Hot Chowder over Textured Autumn
Running Hot Chowder over Satin Black Running Hot Chowder over Textured Kiwi Running Hot Chowder over Bright Purple


5 Running Hot Chowder on edges and handles, 2 coats of Texture Autumn all over, then Running Hot Chowder in spots, on warm brown clay

6 Almost Teal with Goldenrod Shino dots and then opposite, Almost Teal and Archie’s Base on rim

7 Archie’s Base over Almost Teal

8 Archie’s Base over Chrome Green

9 Archie’s Base over Mottled Blue

10 Archie’s Base over underglaze decoration on shoulder

11 Goldenrod Shino with JB’s Brown and Blue Purple on rim

12 Light Green Shino, with Cobalt Blue and Blue Purple on rim & in lines

13 Blue-Purple over Gun Metal Green

14 Blue Purple

15 Blue Purple

16 Archie’s Base over Chrome Green

17 Charcoal Satin, Gun Metal Green, and White

18 Charcoal Satin and bare clay

19 Charcoal Satin and Shino on speckled clay

20 Red Gold over Cinnamon Stick

21 Light Blue Shino over Cobalt Blue

22 Shino over Cobalt Blue, Shino over slip trailing on rim

23 Desert Sage outside, Saturated Iron inside

24 Desert Sage with Black Underglaze on handles

25 Desert Sage over Black (except leaves)

26 Eggplant

27 Eggplant

28 Red Gold, Really Red & Eggplant

29 Eggplant inside, Gun Metal Green outside

30 Gun Metal Green outside

31 Eggshell with Blue Underglaze on top

32 Espresso Bean over Really Red, Espresso Bean over carving on rim

33 Espresso Bean with Turquoise accents

34 Gun Metal Green

35 Shino over Gun Metal Green

36 Shino over Gun Metal Green on Chestnut Clay

37 Thick coat of Lapis Satin with Gun Metal Green on rim & bottom half and Archie’s Base dabbed on rim

38 Gun Metal Green over Black

39 Gun Metal Green over Mint

40 Gun Metal Green

41 Gun Metal Green on Dark Clay

42 Ice Blue over Black with slip trailing on edge

43 Ice Blue (heavier on high points) over Really Red

44 Ice Blue with Saturated Iron on rim

45 Light Blue Shino on red-brown clay

46 Light Blue Shino with Black rim and inside on speckled clay

47 Light Green Shino over carving

48 Light Green Shino on frog

49 Light Green Shino

50 Light Green Shino

51 Light Green Shino over impressed decoration on body, Saturated Iron over Archie’s Base on top, on dark clay

52 Mocha Shino over carving and White on top

53 Mocha Shino over white stoneware

54 Mottled Blue and Red Gold over Black

55 Mottled Blue over Black with a stripe of Archie’s Glaze

56 Mottled Blue over Black

57 Really Red, Mottled Blue, and Black

58 Really Red, Desert Sage, and Red Gold

59 Red Gold

60 Red Gold

61 Shino, Black & Red-Gold with drips of Archie’s Base

62 Red Gold

63 Rhubarb on bottom, Rhubarb over Red Gold and Espresso Bean on top

64 Rhubarb inside, Crazed Copper outside, Really Red over Yellow-Orange on base

65 Saturated Iron on top, Light Green Shino on bottom

66 Shino over Shino (left), Shino over Saturated Iron (center), Shino over Black (right)

67 Shino over Gun Metal Green

68 Shino over dark slip trailed designs

69 Shino applied with a round sponge over Black, Really Red on the rim

70 Shino over Black, Purple and White on rim

71 Shino over impressed decoration

72 Shino on top, Shino over Black in middle, Black on bottom

73 Shino with a stripe of Mottled Blue and marks of Chrome Green

74 Student Examples

75 Running Hot Chowder over Leopard

76 Ice Blue splattered with Saturated Iron

77 Tropical Feathers over Cinnamon Stick

78 Ice Blue over Black

79 Moss Agate

80 Ice Blue over Really Red over Royal Blue

81 Desert Sage

82 Mocha Shino, Moss Agate, and Running Hot Chowder

83 Running Hot Chowder over Black

84 Tropical Feathers over Saturated Iron

85 Running Hot Chowder over Butter Yellow over Gun Metal Green

86 Cobalt Blue over Ice Blue with Oxide accents

87 Red Gold over Saturated Iron

88 And Remember…

89 You can combine Glaze with Underglaze,

90 You can leave parts unglazed,

91 You can experiment and try something new, (use your pinch pot)

92 But, above all, think about how the finish will enhance the form, surface texture, decoration, and clay color of your piece.


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