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The Cell Compared to football team

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1 The Cell Compared to football team
By Justin Glass

2 A coach The cell is like a coach because it gives the orders to do different things such as making different proteins and many other things.

3 The nucleus The nucleus is like a football team because the nucleus is like the huttle. All the different parts being together in one place

4 The cell membrane The cell membrane is like a defensive line on a football team it stops things from coming in and out

5 A cell wall A cell wall is like a football team because it gives the structure of the team like the game pan

6 Endoplasmic reticulum
It is like a opening in the defensive line which allows people to go to get a touchdown

7 Golgi apparatus The Golgi is like a football team because it is like a running back. It carries the package(football) to the touchdown

8 Mitochondria The mitochondria is like a football teams cheerleaders because when they cheer it makes the team want to do better

9 Vacuole The vacuole is like the teams water boy because the water boy keeps water and food and players sweaty towels

10 Ribosome The ribosome is like a touchdown when its produced everyone is good

11 Plant and animal cells Plants have cell walls . Animals have cytoskeleton. They both give the cell structure to the different colors the plants have the chlorophyll and chloroplast. Photosynthesis happens in the chloroplast. Animals don’t have chloroplast.

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