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Cell Organelles caylan bybee..

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1 Cell Organelles caylan bybee.

2 A cell is like a school…

3 The nucleus is the like principal because like the nucleus controls the cell, the principal controls the school.

4 The cell membrane is like the front desk because the front desk regulates what enters and leaves the building, like the cell membrane regulates what enters and leaves the cell.

5 The cell wall is like the school building because it also protects and supports like the cell wall does.

6 The endoplasmic reticulum is like a hallway because it is a passage for students to classrooms like the ER is a passage for proteins.

7 The golgi apparatus is like a janitor because they ship and package the trash outside like the golgi apparatus does with proteins.

8 The mitochondrion is like a weight room because we get stronger and produce energy in the weight room like the mitochondrion does for the cell.

9 The vacuole is like a cafeteria because it also stores water, food, and waste.

10 The ribosome is like a classroom because we produce our work in the classroom like proteins are produced in the ribosome.

11 Plant Cells Contain a cell wall which is the outermost covering of the cell Contain chloroplasts which carry out the process of photosynthesis and give plants their green color Are usually square Contain one large central vacuole

12 Animal Cells Contains a cytoskeleton inside the cell
Does not contain chloroplasts since animals do not carry out photosynthesis Can be any shape Contain many small vacuoles

13 Plant and Animal Cells Perform cell respiration
They are eukaryotes meaning they have a nucleus

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