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A Cell Is Like a Dirtbike

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1 A Cell Is Like a Dirtbike
By. Dylan Wood

2 The Nucleus is like the rider, they control the cell/dirtbike

3 The Cell Membrane is like the air filter, it lets the good things in and keeps the bad out

4 The Cell Wall is like the frame, It holds everything together

5 The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like a fuel line, it allows fuel to pass like proteins do in the Endoplasmic Reticulum

6 The Golgi Apparatus is like the chain, it delivers power to the wheel like the Golgi Apparatus delivers proteins

7 The Mitochondrion is like the motor, it’s what makes the bike go like the mitochondrion is the powerhouse for the cell.

8 The Vacuole is like the gas tank, it holds the gas like the Vacuole stores food, water, and waste

9 The Ribosome is like gas, it fuels everything like the Ribosome produce protein

10 Plant and Animal Cells A plant cell has a cell wall to support it and a animal cell has a cytoskeleton to support it. A plant cell uses both photosynthesis and cell respiration to breath. Where a animal cell only has cell respiration. A plant cell has a chloroplast to absorb energy. Where a animal cell does not have one. A plant cell is green from the chlorophyll. Where a animal cell is a pinkish-red from the blood. A plant cell has one large vacuole which stores things. Where a animal cell has many small ones. A plant cell is a square shape because of the cell wall. Where a animal cell can be any shape because it doesn’t have a cell wall.

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