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Jo Higgins-Cezza Beaumont Training & Consultancy Ltd

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1 Jo Higgins-Cezza Beaumont Training & Consultancy Ltd

2 What is an Advanced Learner of EAL? 5 years + in the UK ? Born in the UK but English is not first language

3 Issues of an Advanced learner Comprehension v ability to respond Comprehension v ability to write at length Comprehension v ability to produce coursework/respond to exam questions Street talk v academic genre

4 BICS and CALP Cummins (1979, etc.) Basic Interpersonal Skills (playground talk, classroom chit chat) 5-7 years to develop Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency Context embedded

5 Luke and Freebody 1999 coding competence (the ability to decode text, i.e. phonics) semantic competence (the ability to make meaning, i.e. comprehension) pragmatic competence (everyday, functional literacy, i.e. writing a cheque, reading the newspaper, filling out a job application, etc.) critical competence (the ability to critically select and analyze texts, e.g. determining reliable sources of information)

6 The four factors affecting L2 acquisition Academic development in L1 (knowledge, skill base) Emotional aspects of schooling Cognitive development in L1 Language development in L1 (metalinguistic awareness)

7 Writing strategies Use of passive voice Nominalisation Complex sentences Collocation Technical lexis

8 “it is an essential component of any strategy to improve writing” (National Strategies) Learning as a social process (Vygotsky 1986) Comprehensive Input Theory (Krashen 1985)

9 “Children, we now know, need to talk, and to experience a rich diet of spoken language, in order to think and to learn. Reading, writing and number may be the acknowledged curriculum ‘basics’, but talk is arguably the true foundation of learning. (Alexander 2004)

10 An RE case study

11 Mantle of the Expert: A different approach Not role play but experiential learning Cross curriculum quest Involves all four skill areas – talk into writing Context embedded Focuses on language in context Empowers, includes and enthuses!

12 Jo Higgins-Cezza Beaumont Training & Consultancy

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