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The Bucket List: Making the Most of Clinical Learning Opportunities Carin Adams RN MSN CPN.

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1 The Bucket List: Making the Most of Clinical Learning Opportunities Carin Adams RN MSN CPN

2 Clinical Placements  Traditional clinical experiences  Acute care hospital  Long term acute care facilities/ nursing homes  Placement barriers  availability (128 hours and no where to go)  Faculty to student ratio

3 Experiential Learning  A philosophy developed by David A. Kolb  Educators purposefully engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, clarify values, and develop people's capacity to contribute to their communities.

4 Experiential Learning  The learner must be willing to be actively involved in the experience  The learner must be able to reflect on the experience  The learner must use analytical skills to conceptualize the experience  The learner must possess decision making and problem solving skills in order to use the new ideas gained from the experience.

5 Experiential Learning

6 Experiential Learning Simulation  Clinical simulations in nursing can be used to immerse the student in the hospital environment and the role of the bedside nurse.  Simulation allows students to experience the application of theory in a safe environment where mistakes can be made without risk to the patient (Billings and Halstead 2012)

7 Experiential Learning Simulation  Evaluation of simulation experience  Debriefing - The role of faculty is to support participants in reflection. What do you think about your performance? What would you have done differently? How did that make you feel? ebriefing.pdf

8 Experiential Learning Simulation  Clinical Reasoning Scenarios  Electronic Documentation  Med pass simulation  Virtual simulation – second life

9 Problem based learning  Students were given a disease process  Researched the pathology, signs and symptoms  Created a patient for the whole group to assess

10 Service Learning  develops values, cultural competence, social responsibility  Private schools  Child assessment:  height, weight, growth chart  Vital signs – BP norms  Hearing and Vision  Scoliosis  Acanthosis nigricans  Student pre-work reading assignments

11 Service Learning Developmental Clinic  Student experience role of pediatric nurse  Environment of safety  HIPPA/FERPA  Patient identification  Anticipatory guidance  Medication safety- Coloring books   Evaluation  Direct observation

12 Vision and Hearing Certification  Students certified to perform state required hearing and vision screens for school age children in the state of Texas.  Certification good for 5 years  Purchased 2 audiometers 

13 School Nurse Experience  Collaboration between four ISD’s  Nurse Health Service Coordinators and faculty created student nurse preceptor program  Students mentored by the same nurse for 3 (8 hour) “shifts”  Students can assist nurse with vision and hearing screenings.

14 Preceptors  Clinical preceptors may be used to enhance clinical learning experiences within a course after a student has received clinical and didactic instruction in the basic areas of nursing for that course or specific learning experience.  on/faq_clinical.html on/faq_clinical.html

15 School Nurse Experience  Students pre-clinical assignment –  Role of the school nurse  Selected chapters from School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text [Janice Selekman] ISBN- 10: 0803622090  Evaluation: report from precepting nurse  Timeliness  Phone calls  Reflective summary  excepts

16 School Nurse Experience  Preceptor incentives  /financialaid/tofa2.cfm?ID=546 /financialaid/tofa2.cfm?ID=546  BON regulations regarding preceptors  $ext.ViewTAC?tac_view=4&ti=22&pt=11& ch=215&rl=Y $ext.ViewTAC?tac_view=4&ti=22&pt=11& ch=215&rl=Y

17 Anticipatory Guidance  Students use skills that reflect college core  Writing and public speaking  Nursing objectives - recognizing and using evidenced based practice (EBP).  Role- Pediatric nurse: teaching of children and families.   Delivery- Health fairs, PTA’s  Evaluation- group rubric  Was information Evidenced Based

18 Immersion learning  Kinderfrogs  Child study center  ABA therapy  Evaluation – reflective summary

19 Your turn  Please take a few minutes to discuss experiential learning in your clinical environments.  Please write down your experiences.

20 Opportunity for sharing  Now share your bucket list! Please write down your name & email address on your piece of paper and drop it in our buckets. I will go through and compile a list of your ideas and distribute to all of us via email.  Thank you for your time and attention and enjoy the rest of your conference.

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