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Welcome to the Simulation Lab Orientation

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1 Welcome to the Simulation Lab Orientation

2 What is a simulation laboratory?
The simulation laboratory is an imitation setting of a clinical environment. The laboratory is a safe place to practice real life nursing scenarios.

3 and… It is a place to combine theoretical knowledge and psychomotor skills. Simulation manikins mimic a patient’s physiological function. Heart, lung, and bowel sounds, voice, and anatomy gives the manikin a realistic quality.

4 Meet SimMan His right arm is for an IV.
His left arm is for a B/P and pulses. He can become SimWoman! Always speak directly to the Sim Manikin.

5 Safety Measures Please use gloves and properly dispose of the sharps.

6 Supplies Medication Supplies for procedures Chart for the patient
Reference books

7 Head Board Call light Oxygen Suction Air

8 The Clinical Scrubs are required.

9 Participants should be doing some of the following during each simulation.
Assessments as ordered Procedures as ordered such as V.S. Give medications as ordered such as injections

10 Start an IV if ordered Use phones if available Educate patient and significant others.

11 Seeing is believing….. In stressful situations it can be surprising how participants communicate and act. Web cam video taping of the simulation scenario and reviewing this video is another tool for learning the art of nursing.

12 Required Photo Consent
Photo Release Is the required form when participating in a video taped simulation scenario. Please read carefully before signing.

13 The simulation scenario begins with the daily report concerning your patient and is often given and received by using an S-BAR form. This nation wide form can be different depending on the facility and individual unit.

14 An example of the SBAR form

15 During the simulation you will be asked to volunteer for one of these roles.
Student Registered Nurse Clinical Instructor Staff Registered Nurse Significant Other Licensed Vocational Nurse Health Care Provider Certified Nurse Assistant Respiratory Therapist

16 As an active member of the audience you will be assigned to monitor one of the Ten Nursing Threads
Communication Nursing Role Pharmacology Nutrition Cultural Awareness Safety Health Teaching Lifespan Psychomotor skills Community awareness

17 The final stage of the simulation scenario is called debriefment.
Debriefment can be a video and/or peer analysis of the simulation scenario.

18 Debriefment is the summation of the events of the scenario.
non-judgmental discussion response of clinical events

19 Debriefing is the summation of the events of the scenario.
Ask yourself: Are you able to transfer theory to the simulated patient scenario? Answered this: Did the participants follow safe practice?

20 Debriefing is the summation of the events of the scenario.
active discussion involves all the students. the performance and Not the student is critiqued.

21 Evaluation is important
Simulation Evaluation Example Was the simulation scenario important to you? What did you like most? What did you like least? What simulation scenarios would you like offered in the future?

22 Quiz time… Thank you for completing the online simulation laboratory orientation. When you are finished filling out the questionnaire please print only the questionnaire and bring it with you on your first simulation event.

23 Name: N1 N2 N3 N4 What is a simulation laboratory?
What makes the simulation manikin life-like? Name 3 things a participant may do during a simulation? What is critiqued during the debriefing period of a simulation scenario? Which arm is used for intravenous fluids and medications?

24 Thank you for your participation!

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