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Our Quasi-Broadband Home. Dave’s PC Sandy’s PC Card scanner and camera.

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1 Our Quasi-Broadband Home

2 Dave’s PC

3 Sandy’s PC

4 Card scanner and camera

5 Rex interface

6 Sandy’s portable

7 The old 386

8 Scanner

9 The server room

10 The Plumbing – router and hubs

11 Master LAN patch panel

12 Attic plumbing

13 Our NT server

14 Fax machine

15 Four-line phone

16 Telephone and modem wiring

17 Attic telephone wiring block

18 Room ports

19 ISDN bill

20 Ports in the kitchen

21 WebTV in the kitchen

22 Master bedroom TV

23 Master bedroom jacks

24 Video plumbing

25 Attic video plumbing

26 Entertainment center

27 Video projector

28 A. Lower the Screen On the switch panel (under thermostat near bar) find the screen switch on the upper left. Push to lower the screen. It will stop automatically when the screen is fully lowered B. Turn on the VCR Find the VCR remote control (it’s labeled “RCA” on the bottom). Push the red VCR1 button to power on the RCA VCR (the upper VCR on the left). The VCR is on if you see the channel number on the right of the VCR display (the time is displayed on the left whether the VCR is on or off). C. Turn on and set up the Receiver Find the receiver remote control (it’s labeled “Denon” on the upper left). Push the red POWER button to turn on the receiver (upper box on the right). The receiver is on if you see the display lit up. Select VCR1 as receiver input device: If VCR1 is not shown on the receiver display, push the yellow VCR1 button (number “5”) on the receiver remote control. After a few seconds, you should hear sound from the loudspeakers if a video channel has been selected. Set receiver mode to STEREO - push blue STEREO button on the remote control. Instructions for turning it on

29 D. Turn on the Projector Remove the lens cap from the projector (if it is on). Plug in the projector if the line cord is disconnected (at the right rear). Turn on the projector - the switch is just above the line cord at the rear of the projector. The projector will warm up in about a minute. You will first see a test pattern, and then the video picture corresponding to the sound. If you see a blue screen without a picture, open the control door on the top right of the projector, and push the VIDEO button. You should now see the picture. E. (During daytime) Lower the Shades The room is set up with six room darkening shades. Lower them to block out the sunlight. F. To Change the Channel Use the cable box remote control to change the channel. Push the white CABLE button on the top of the remote control, and then push the channel number. Note that all channels are three-digit numbers; use 004 for channel 4. Instructions for turning it on - 2

30 Audio and video components

31 Remotes

32 Audio and video plumbing

33 Switch boxes

34 Dining room stereo

35 Dining room control boxes

36 Dining room wiring

37 A/V Wiring Diagram

38 Living room plant lights

39 Downstairs plant lights

40 The lighting controller

41 Sandy in the garden

42 LAN card in garden

43 Wireless LAN base station

44 Rex and cellphone

45 Navi system map

46 Navi address

47 Rex


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