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Connecting a PC to your TV (or Home Theater or Overhead Projector)

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1 Connecting a PC to your TV (or Home Theater or Overhead Projector)

2 WHY? Nicer to view entertainment videos on a larger screen and better speakers To have one monitor for videos and another for other applications For presentations in a large room To have more “desktop” space without application windows forced to hide behind others

3 Determine Video Connections Output connector type on the PC? Input connector type on the TV? –HDMI to HDMI (modern, digital, video & audio) –VGA to VGA (oldest, analog, video only) –DVI to DVI (older, digital, video only) –Can buy HDMI-DVI adapters



6 Audio Connection Options Decide where audio might play –Speakers on the PC? –Speakers on the TV? For DVI and VGA connections, must connect an audio cable to get TV audio

7 Setup Options Select which “monitors” will be “on” –Either –Both (ie. Clones/Duplicates) –Both (Desktop spread across both) Select the speakers –PC (maybe added, self-powered add-ons) –TV (or Home Theatre)

8 A Simple HDMI-based Procedure – Watch video and audio on second monitor only Get video ready on the PC Turn ON TV, select HDMI input Plug HDMI cable into PC HDMI port Play When finished, unplug HDMI cable from PC

9 Begin – get video set up on PC

10 Turn on TV, select HDMI input on TV and plug in HDMI PC senses the TV Audio and video should automatically switch over to TV Unplug HDMI from PC to switch back to PC only

11 Want PC Speakers instead? Set up as described in previous slides Minimize video window Select Control Panel, Sound, Playback Select the Speakers icon Select Set As Default Device, then OK Maximize video window and play


13 Extend Desktop across Monitors Application windows not overlapping Can still choose audio location Locating the cursor can be frustrating

14 Extend Desktop Procedure Set up PC Turn on TV, select HDMI input and connect HDMI cable Control Panel, Display, Change Display Settings Select down arrow then select Extend These Displays Apply, then OK


16 Using Keyboard Combinations Instead of Control Panel, Display May not be on your keyboard. Look for Function key with icon showing two monitors or crt/lcd. Hold Function (Fn) key and press F8. Can then choose Monitor 1, Monitor 2 or Extend to both Does not change audio


18 Duplicating Same thing on both monitors Clones Audio only on one monitor Helpful when making presentations to groups

19 May Be A Challenge To Set Up Influenced by model of Graphic Processor May need to set up via GP Display Setup rather than Windows Display or F8 keys Following example based on ASUS Laptop, running Win 8.1 and using NVIDIA Graphics Processor

20 NVIDIA Control Panel Right-Click Desktop blank spot Select NVIDIA Control Panel

21 6 more steps

22 Too Many Approaches? Different ways to choose monitors setup: 1. Windows Control Panel, Display, Change Display Settings 2. PC’s Fn and F8 key combination 3. NVIDIA Control Panel Setup Multiple Displays –So, there’s no one-size-fits-all procedure –Each one can mess up the other –May have alternative (eg. Intel, AMD/ATI/Radeon) to NVIDIA Graphic Processor on your PC

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