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ARINC Overview Alliance Baltimore November 16, 2007.

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1 ARINC Overview Alliance Baltimore November 16, 2007

2 Page 2 Moving IT Forward  ARINC is working to transform the industries we serve…  From airports to aviation  In defense and security  Throughout the transportation industry  Across governments and first responders  To networks and beyond…  Defense Sustainment Consortium – National Data Integration and Test Center

3 Page 3 Defense Innovations  Serving the U.S. military, our single largest customer, with…  Comprehensive engineering services and turnkey master systems integration services  Next generation avionics modernization  Aircraft maintenance  Flight Ops and specialized training  Next-generation avionics modernization Our mission: improve war fighter capabilities and readiness

4 Page 4 Defense Weapon System Support  Major System Types  Aircraft  Avionics  Command and Control  Communications  Electronic Warfare  Mine/countermine  Ordnance  Ship systems  Test systems  Tasking Areas  Aging System Studies  Flight Test  Modifications  Obsolescence Management  Operational Engineering  System Architecture  System Integration  System Management Support  RoHS: Lead-free Screening Our depth and breadth of engineering services support variety of platforms and tasking areas, such as;

5 Page 5 Defense Sustainment Consortium (DSC) Organization

6 Page 6 Requirements for DSC Members  Product or Service must meet the JCAA National Strategy  Stakeholders must have a current need for the product or service  Product or Service is not saturated by other member companies  Member firm will be assigned to appropriate DSC Center, based on  Region  Service or Product

7 Page 7 DSC Key Stakeholders DoD StakeholdersIndustry Stakeholders Operational Commands Program Offices Logistic Commands Depots Procurement Organizations Maintenance Organizations Reengineering Organizations R&D and Engineering Organizations Aerospace Primes and 1st Tier Subs Service Providers Tracked and Wheeled Combat Vehicle Primes and 1st Tier Subs Universities Shipbuilder Primes and 1st Tier Subs Transportation, Logistics and Maintenance Primes Information Technology Providers Commercial/Military Electronics Suppliers

8 Page 8 DSC Stakeholder - Benefits  Technical innovations to combat the latest sustainment problems, to keep today’s aircraft and weapons systems ready for tomorrow’s missions.  Solutions to specific sustainment issues and challenges  Thorough objective assessment of potential sustainment solutions  NDITC can suggest products that reliably meet the end user’s needs.  Concise knowledge of Veteran Owned and other Small Businesses capabilities

9 Page 9 DSC/NDITC Focus Areas  The primary functional area of the NDITC is data* integration. Potential contracting areas are:  Counterfeit part mitigation  Obsolescence management  RFID implementation  Source of supply studies and support  Enterprise architecture oversight *Data includes; data content, data cleansing, IT infrastructure development, data analysis, security, cataloging, storage or archiving, or data retrieval.

10 Page 10 DSC/NDITC Member Firms - Benefits  Access to government stakeholders and Tier One OEMs  Quarterly networking opportunities.  Focused awareness and access to all of the tools and processes developed by members in partnership with the DSC.  Access to new technologies and knowledge from the member companies.  Independent assessment of commercially available technology, databases, and other sustainment products and systems.  Ability for Veteran Owned and other Small Businesses to broaden their customer base.

11 Page 11 Sample NDITC Initiatives  Studying the causes and potential sustainment technology solutions to mitigate the presence of and help prevent counterfeit parts within the DLA supply chain.  Study the threat of counterfeit parts introduced into the DLA Supply Chain  Evaluate the vulnerable areas of the Supply Chain, including process/policies that may inadvertently contribute to the issue or otherwise enable the counterfeiter's, and examine the potential consequences of the perceived threat, i.e. mission readiness, aviation mishap, delayed repair cycle times, etc.  Helping to reduce Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and service part backorders  Assisting service disabled veteran owned small business  Entrepreneurship Training  DoD Contracting Training  Technical Training

12 Page 12 Summary - ARINC subcontracting opportunities  Visit our small business liaison officer Tom Baugher at our matchmaking table here at Alliance Baltimore  Join the Defense Sustainment Consortium - National Data Integration and Test Center (based in Annapolis, MD)  Visit our website at  ARINC Engineering Services, LLC  Walter Tomczykowski, Director  2551 Riva Road  Annapolis, MD 21401  410-266-4535  

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