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Special Operations Recruiting Battalion Fort Bragg, NC

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1 Special Operations Recruiting Battalion Fort Bragg, NC
Warrant Officer Recruiting Special Operations Recruiting Battalion Fort Bragg, NC Introduce yourself. Tell your story. Address: Questions during brief How people heard about brief Brief length Q & A afterward Identify shortage MOS feeders Handouts - i.e. Letter of Intent, Sample Packet, etc… NEXT SLIDE

2 What is a Warrant Officer? (new DA PAM 600-3 Definition)
Definition of a Warrant Officer “Warrant officers are highly specialized officers. They are self-aware and adaptive combat leaders, trainers, staff officers, and advisors. Warrant officers are competent and confident warriors, innovative integrators of emerging technologies, dynamic teachers, and developers of specialized teams of soldiers…” What is a Warrant Officer? (new DA PAM Definition) WO1 – Basic level CW2 – Intermediate CW3 – Advanced CW4 – Senior CW5 – Master “So what is a Warrant Officer?” Experts in their field, combat leaders, trainers, staff officers and advisors to commanders at all levels. Innovative integrators of emerging technologies… (Point out for later when talking about TWI on assignments slide) Technical expertise is very important. Don’t confuse the ability to perform at ones job as being the expert. They will become that senior subject matter experts on their specific program, system or piece of equipment. Rank wise: Warrant officers fall between the highest enlisted rank, and the lowest officer rank. A WO1 outranks a SGM and a CW5 is outranked by a 2LT. However you would not see a SGM work for a WO1 just as you would not see a CW5 work for a 2LT. They need to be willing to be “the new guy” for awhile when switching from NCO to officer. NEXT SLIDE… to illustrate what a WO is a little differently…

3 Briefing Agenda Definition of a Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer Recruiting Mission General Requirements Who We are Looking For Opportunities and Benefits Application and Processing Q & A Briefing Agenda Brief agenda quickly Already talked about the definition of a WO The WO recruiting mission and what that entails. General requirements What we’re looking for in an applicant Then I’m going to sell you on the program with opportunities and benefits) I’m going to cover the application and processing Then questions at the end but if I’ve done a good job here today… you shouldn’t too many NEXT SLIDE

4 Warrant Officer Recruiting Mission
The United States Army Recruiting Command is charged with recruiting highly qualified applicants to serve as Army Warrant Officers. Every unit has a mission and a mission statement. Our mission is to provide the active Army with technically and tactically qualified candidates to fill the ranks of the Warrant Officer Corps. We only recruit from Active duty personnel, but from all services. We recruit for 40 specialties for 13 branches of the Army… this is why I’m here. “What do you think ‘Highly Qualified’ means? “So who in here thinks they are ‘Highly Qualified’? There are multiple aspects that make up a highly qualified applicant… First there are the bare minimum requirements or administrative requirements… NEXT SLIDE

5 Administrative Requirements
US Citizenship (No Waivers) General Technical (GT) Score of 110 or higher (No Waivers) High School Graduate or have a GED (No Waivers) Eligible for a Secret Security Clearance (No Waivers) Must Have ≥ 12 Months Remaining on Enlistment Contract (No Waivers) Pass Commissioning Physical for Tech or Flight Physical for Aviators. (Waiver Avail.) Age: Technicians ≤ 46 yrs / Aviators < 33 yrs at time packet is boarded (Waiver Avail.) Active Federal Service: <12 yrs at time packet is boarded (Waiver Avail.) Pass the Standard 3-event Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) and Meet Height/Weight Standards (Only Available for Soldiers injured in Combat) “An applicant must meet these nine Administrative Requirements before applying for the Warrant Officer Program” 9 Basic Administrative Requirements First 5 are non-negotiable. Waiver available for last 4 (6 thru 9) We’ll cover waivers later Next Slide… Some additional info and requirements…

6 General Information Technician Aviator 13 - Branches 37 - MOSs
1 - MOS (To apply for) Any MOS/Rank can Apply Qualifying SIFT Score (40+) Usually SGT or higher Most require ALC Must meet experience requirements listed on the MOS pages of our website: Aviator Just some additional info and some additional requirements … WOs broken up into two main categories: technicians and aviators Brief Slide (a couple of facts about each) “In addition to the basic requirements you have to already have a certain level of technical expertise in your particular field. The prerequisite experience requirements are MOS dependent and are listed on our website listed down at the bottom of the slide.” Next Slide… WOs are further broken down into 40 occupational specialties… You can also look at he back of the LOI I have handed out…

7 Warrant Officer MOSs WO MOS MOS Description Enlisted Feeder MOSs
120A Construction Engineering Tech 12K, H, P, R, Q, T, W 125D Geospatial Engineering Tech 12Y or 35F, 35G 131A Field Artillery Targeting Tech 11C,13B, D, F, M, P, R, T, 19D 140A Command and Control Systems Tech 14J & 14S 140E Air and Missile Defense Tactician/Tech 14E, T 150A Air Traffic Control 15Q 150U Tactical UAV Tech 15W, 15E 151A Aviation Maintenance Tech All CMF 15 MOS (Excluding 15P & 15Q) 153A Rotary Wing Aviator All MOSs (FY13 SIFT Test) 255N Network Management Tech All MOSs 255A Information Systems Tech All MOSs 290A Electronic Warfare Tech 13C, D, E, R, 25C, E, 29E or 35F, N, P, S, T 350F All Sources Intelligence Tech 35F 350G Imagery Intelligence Tech 35G 351L Counterintelligence Collections Tech 35L 351M Human Intel Collection Tech 35M 352N Traffic Analysis Tech 35N WO MOS MOS Description Enlisted Feeder MOSs Here are 20 of the 40 MOSs we recruit for. You can also look at the back of the LOI you have in front of you. Blue MOSs are non-feeder MOSs – I’ll explain those in more detail in a minute Red MOSs are ones that we are critically short in – Usually because of increased demand because of an expanded mission and the enlisted feeder population is small Positive Aspect – Any time you’re in demand things are pretty good…. Bonuses (though none right now), selection is less competitive, (this is not to say that anyone can qualify, you still have to meet all the prerequisites, just less people to compete with for available slots), more likely to receive waiver approval, possibly faster promotions… Next slide… the other 20 MOSs

8 Warrant Officer MOSs Cont.
352S Non Morse Intercept Tech 35S 353T Intel and Electronic Warfare Tech 35T 420A Human Resources Tech 42A/42F 740A CBRN Tech 74D 880A Marine Deck Officer 88K 881A Marine Engineer Officer 88L and 12P, w/ASI S2 (SEPT BOARD) 882A Mobility Officer All MOSs 890A Ammunition Technician 89B, 89D 913A Armament Systems Maint Tech 91F, G, K (91A, D, M, P and 15J) 914A Allied Trades WO 91W and 91E 915A Automotive Maint Tech 91A, B, D, H, L, M, P, S, T, W, X, and Y 919A Engineer Equipment Maint Tech 91B, C, D, H, J, L, X 920A Property Accounting Tech 92Y, 68J 920B Supply Systems Tech 92A 921A Airdrop Systems Tech 92R 922A Food Service Tech 92G, 68M 923A Petroleum Systems Tech 92F,L,W 948B Electronic Systems Maint Tech 94D, E, F, H, K, L, R, V, W, Y, & Z; 29B, 25P, S 948D Electronic Missile Systems Maint Tech 94A, M, P, S, T, & Z WO MOS MOS Description Enlisted Feeder MOSs Here are the other 20 MOSs we recruit for. Lets talk about the MOSs in Blue… Next Slide… Non feeder MOSs…

255A - INFO SERVICES TECH 882A - MOBILITY OFFICER The only five MOSs that any MOS can apply for. 153A is the only WO MOS without experience requirements. Anyone can apply for the other four but there are specific experience requirements – Go to Website for those prerequisites. Transition to next slide: Sum up - “I’ve told you what a WO is, what the minimum requirements are, how the WO cohort is broken down, and showed the 40 MOSs we recruit for…” “The only question now is…. knowing what you know now… Do you have what it takes to become a WO?” “Don’t answer… I just want you to start thinking about it….. Do you have what it takes.” COA2: “What do you think that is?”

10 What We are Looking For…
Soldiers who are: Leaders Self Confident Dependable Technically/Tactically Proficient Ethical and Moral Decision Makers Self-Sufficient Mature Able to Grasp Complex Problems Mentally and Physically Strong Having what it takes… to become a WO is more than just meeting the Admin and technical requirements. Having what it takes means being that self confident leader that is technically and tactically proficient, that lives by the Army values, that are mature, self sufficient and can make a decision. Basically I’ve just described your go to NCO. That NCO that you know will have the answers or be able to handle a situation when others might not. This is who we’re looking for. That 7%er that would other wise, if they chose to stay an NCO, would be a SGM someday. These are the attribute typically found in any GOOD NCO. Most WOs come from the ranks of the NCO - they are selected because they have excelled in their career fields and as junior leaders. Mostly the soldiers that want to give something MORE to the Army. Ensure to write packets up that they want to give back to the Army not just take a bar, more pay and a salute from the Army. If I’ve just described YOU then these are some of the benefits that await you as an Army WO… NEXT SLIDE

11 Opportunities and Benefits
Small Elite Corps Makes up 2% of the Army and 15% Officer corps Challenging Assignments Technical Training and Education Faster Promotion Potential Extended Career Path Perform Core Duties Longer Better Pay and Retirement This is where we sell you on the program though the program sells itself. I’m not going to go through each of these bullets because - We’re going to touch on each of these individually . What I would like to touch on is being a part of a - “Small Elite Corps”. Relationship with branch manager Less people to juggle more like to get what you want Assignments Schools Duty Locations etc… Incentives - They are plentiful and its not just based on money. No slide for “small elite corps”, note currently WO’s make up about 2.5% of the force. Note the ATLDP icon - Let the prospects know about the study and that if all the initiatives are passed, then the financial incentives will be more substantial in the future. (This is the only item that would “date” the slide deck.) 66 initiatives recommended and over 40 endorsed - at DA now for final approval. NEXT SLIDE

12 Assignment Opportunities
White House Communications Agency White House Fellowship Eligibility Training-with-Industry (TWI) (Motorola, General Dynamics, Microsoft, Apple) Army Accessions Command (TRADOC/USAREC) Pentagon and Department of the Army TAFT Assignments (Technical Assistance Field Team) Australia, Egypt, UAE and other locations TWI – refer back to WO definition and being innovative integrators of emerging technologies. Networking opportunities Accessions – WO recruiter

13 Training and Education
- Maintain G.I. Bill benefits Maintain tuition assistance (TA) benefits Maintain E-Army U Degree Completion Program Senior Service College Selection/Combined Advanced Civil Schooling Army Logistics University, VA (TLog program) Naval Post Graduate School, MD (XP Course cooperative) Joint Military Intelligence College, DC Army Management Staff College, VA GI Bill Benefits stay the same basically. Explain that all of the training and Education benefits they have right now; they keep as a WO. One addition to those benefits is the DCP Explain degree completion program. Explain the service college opportunities. Note that most warrants don’t know they can attend, but all are eligible to apply. A warrant has attended each of the ones listed. (Graduate Degree producing military schools) 1. LMC is at Virginia. 2. Patuxant River, MD 3. Bolling AFB, DC 4. Fort Belvoir, VA NEXT SLIDE

14 Promotion Comparison NCO WO 120.00% 100.00% 80.00% 60.00% 40.00% 23%
58% AV 75% Tech 61% AV 81% Tech 21% AV 27% Tech 98% all 100.00% 80.00% 60.00% 40.00% FY12 Selection Board Results Point out the obvious disparity in promotion percentages between NCOs and WOs Reason for disparity is the way we retain personnel as opposed to the NCO corps and the size difference How NCO corps promotes: How WOs are promoted – next slide 23% 9% 11% 20.00% 0.00% E-7 E-8 E-9 CW2 CW3 CW4 CW5

15 Promotion Comparison NCO WO 120.00% 100.00% 80.00% 60.00% 33.87%
99% all 59% AV 80% Tech 65% Tech 120.00% 19% AV 20% Tech 100.00% 80.00% 60.00% 33.87% 22.04% 40.00% Information For 2011 CMSgt (E9), SMSgt (E8), MSgt (E7) Selects 10.29% 20.00% 0.00% E-7 E-8 E-9 CW2 CW3 CW4 CW5

16 Promotion Comparison NCO WO 120.00% 100.00% 80.00% 60.00% 40.00%
99% all 69% AV 91% Tech 85% AV 85% Tech 120.00% 61% AV 46% Tech 100.00% 80.00% 60.00% 40.00% US Navy – FY10 Boards E9 Board - 29 March 2010 E8 Board - 18 April 2010 E7 Board - 21 June 2010 NEXT SLIDE 18.8% 10.95% 12.28% 20.00% 0.00% E-7 E-8 E-9 CW2 CW3 CW4 CW5

17 Promotion Comparison NCO WO 120.00% 100.00% 80.00% 60.00% 40.00%
99% all 59% AV 80% Tech 65% Tech 120.00% 19% AV 20% Tech 100.00% 80.00% 60.00% 30.2% 40.00% FY11 GUNNERY SERGEANT Selection Board REFERENCE:, &_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL FY11 MASTER SERGEANT THRU SERGEANT MAJOR Selection Board, &_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL 27% 26.5% 20.3% 13.5% 20.00% 0.00% E-7 E-8 E-9 CW2 CW3 CW4 CW5

18 Warrant Officer Promotions
4-5 Years TIG 2 Years TIG CW2 CW3 Appointment CW4 CW5 WO1 Technician: Aviator: BLUF - similar TIG requirements as the NCO’s. Appointed WO1 at graduation of WOCS – By Sec of Army 2 years later automatic promotion to CW2 – also when commissioned by president of the US CW3 – CW5 you’re boarded just like the E7 – E9 boards after the respective amount of years. Aviators are 1 year longer due to starting over in new career field as opposed to experienced NCOs in the same careers field they’ve been dominating for years. I also mentioned that the reason for the previous disparity is how we retain… NEXT SLIDE

19 Extended Career 32 Years 29 Years 26 Years 20 Years
ALARACT NOV 08 30 + Years of WO SVC *If Promotion Gates Met / Age 62 Total Years Active Federal Service 32 Years 29 Years 26 Years What you see here are the NCO ranks that you can retire as and their respective Retention Control Points. To illustrate how this affects those promotion numbers I’m going to give you example. Say we have a SSG that gets promoted to SFC on the day he or she hits 13 years of total service. It just so happens that SFC was this particular NCOs ultimate goal – to make E7. So having reached his or her goal he she stops excelling at their job. How long can they stay an E7 until they have separate from the military? As a warrant officer you can stay in the Army for 30 years – as a WO – which doesn’t include your time prior. Most of you are looking at me like “why are you even telling us that?” Ask –”Who’s got 10 years in?” How old are you? So if selected to become a WO you can stay in for 40 AFS , (which 100% retirement)… “ who knew that in here? Nobody because what NCOs can stay in for 40 Years? NONE You could stay until you’re ( add 30 years) So now you know why you see crusty old W5s running around looking like they could be your grand father – because they are. This is why they’re hanging around…. Next slide 20 Years

20 Retirement Pay Comparison
CW $2,888 (50%) E-7/SFC 20 $2,128 (50%) CW $4,101 (60%) E-8/MSG 24 $3,058 (60%) CW $6,169 (75%) E-9/SGM 30 $4,972 (75%) $760 $1043 $1197 Point out the W5 retirement based on what was said during last slide. Everyone in the audience is probably a career soldier - that means they plan to stay and retire. That is the lead for this slide. Let them know up front what the long range financial incentive is. Based on the approved JAN 2012 pay scale using a flat % of the base pay. NEXT SLIDE Based on January 2012 Pay Scale Source-

21 Based on January 2012 Pay Scale
Base Pay Comparison Based on January 2012 Pay Scale $7,833 W5 $7,000.00 $458 $6,288 $6,315 $6,000.00 W4 E9 $5,224 $5,000.00 W3 $4,281 $4,766 $4,000.00 $4,089 W2 E8 $3,243 E7 $3,000.00 E6 $2,000.00 $1,000.00 ENL WO Comparison slide using NCO v. WO up to 20 years. Draw their attention to the snapshot. This is the initial base pay increase for completing WOCS. NEXT SLIDE $1, years TIS $1, years TIS $ years TIS $ years TIS Snapshot E-5 vs W1 at 6 years TIS = Approximate $849 E-6 vs W1 at 8 years TIS = Approximate $662 E-7 vs W1 at 10 years TIS = Approximate $332

22 Additional Benefits Flight Pay HIDE AS NECESSARY

23 Where to Start…
Our website. Quickly orient them to it. One stop shop for everything WO.

24 FY14 WO Selection Board Schedule
Board Dates Packet Deadline 18-22 Nov 13 20 Sep 13 13-17 Jan 14 15 Nov 13 10-14 Mar 14 17 Jan 14 12-16 May 14 14 Mar 14 14-18 Jul 14 16 May 14 15-19 Sep 14 18 Jul 14

DA G1 4–6 Weeks 1 AFS APFT DA G3 4–8 Weeks 1,2,3,4,5 Moral HRC/DA G1 2–6 Weeks 1,6 Prerequisite Proponent 2–4 Weeks Medical USAREC G3 7 Example in Sample Application available at briefings or for download on our website. DA Form 705 (APFT Score Card) must be included with application BN CDR’s LOR must state: “The applicant is physically capable of completing training and worldwide deployment” Must have a Permanent Physical Profile Permanent Physical Profile and physical must be dated within 12 Months Can submit Waiver ahead of Application. (Instructions on website) Waiver request NOT prepared by the applicant Brief Slide

26 FY 13 AFS/Age/Moral Waivers by Branch

27 The Application !!!Download from our Website!!!
Board Packet Supporting Documents 1. Checklist (MILPO/PSB Letter or S-1) 2. DA Form 61 (HT/WT & APFT Statement) 3. Letters of Recommendation (Next Slide) 4. Resume 5. ERB (Enlisted Record Brief) 6. OMPF (10 Years of NCOERs and all AERS in order newest to oldest) 7. College Transcripts 8. DA Form 6256 (AFAST Form from Test Center) This form is for MOS 153A only 9. Official Photo 10. Security Clearance (Clearance Memo) 11. USAREC Form (Physical Cover Sheet) 12. DA Form 160-R 13. Statement of Understanding 14. Waivers (Next Slide) 15. DA Form 705 (APFT Score Card) 16. DA Form 3349 (Permanent Profile Sheet) 17. Conditional Release (Reserves & Other Services) Looks like a lot but its not. Generally speaking this is around 15+ documents. There are only two DA Forms. Most of the items can be found in the applicants “love me” book. Some applicants have put the application together in a week. NEXT SLIDE

28 Front Cover / Instructions

29 Checklist / DA Form 61

30 DA Form 61 Cont.

31 Letters of Recommendation
USAREC Form (Mandatory FY13) include WO POC info. Letters Must Not be Older than 12 Months If using former Commander - we recommend having current Commander review packet! (Only applicable if PCS occurred within 60 days) Letters of Recommendation required: Company Commander or First Level of UCMJ Authority (Must have) Battalion Commander or Second Level of UCMJ Authority (Must have) Senior Warrant Officer Letter of Recommendation (CW3 to CW5 – Must Have) USAREC Form 1936 must be Digitally Signed and Their Unit, and Phone Number needs to be in the Bottom Narrative of the Form Note: If requesting an APFT Waiver, BN CDR LOR must state: “You are physically capable of completing the training and worldwide deployment. “ Explain the “UCMJ authority” reference. SWO letter may or may not be required, check the web site. NEXT SLIDE

32 Letter of Recommendation (USAREC Form 1936)

33 Resume (USAREC Form 1935)

34 Physical Cover Sheet / DA Form 2808 (USAREC Form 1932)

35 Security Clearance / DA Form 160R Verification Memo

36 Prerequisite Waiver / Moral Waiver

37 APFT Waiver / Statement of Understanding
Only Available for Soldiers Injured in Combat

38 Application Process    BOARD READY “B” Status Moral Waivers
“M” Status Prerequisite Waivers “P” Status BOARD READY “B” Status APPLICANT Warrant Officer Recruiter QC “R” Status USAREC Boards Branch “H” Status Branch Proponent “P” Status If Corrections Are Needed. Packets Will Remain In “R” Status AFS, AGE, APFT Waivers “G or A” Status

39 Selection Board DA Centralized Board Held at USAREC
Comprised of Branch and Warrant Officers Vote Using “Total Person” Concept 5 + 4 + 5 3 + 5 - 6 28 +2 APPLICANT MOS VOTE OML# WADE 100A O’NEAL 100A MORNING 100A PAYTON 100A WILLIAM 100A HAZEL 100A DIAZ 100A BRANCH 100A JONES 100A ** MAY HIDE** Explain the Board Process, then the reapply rule. NEXT SLIDE

40 Selection Board WO Packet Automatically Gets Two Looks
Two Time Non-Select Must Wait a Year Board Results Released in MILPER message Fully Qualified - Selected - Q-S Fully Qualified - Nonselect (First Board) - FQ-NS Non Competitive - Nonselect (Second Board) - NC-NS Applicants may immediately re-apply with a waiver Board process continued

41 Warrant Officer Candidate School
Selectees will attend Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) E5 graduated from PLDC/WLC, and E6 and above = 4 weeks and 4 days E5 non-graduate from PLDC/WLC and all E1 to E4 = 6 weeks and 4 days (Other services = 6 weeks and 4 days with exceptions) WOCS and Flight School are located at Fort Rucker, Alabama Graduation = Conditional Promotion (Appointment to WO1) You formal education begins at WOCS, Ft Rucker AL. About two months after selection, you will receive a letter from DA WO accessions branch with assignment instructions to attend WOCS in another 2-4 months (total about 4-6 months after selection). Of course, the timing of the letter and the school can vary and you should contact your personnel office if two months have passed and you haven’t heard anything. Aviators PCS to Ft Rucker for WOCs and flight school and have family travel entitlements. Probably don’t want to move family until after WOCS. CONUS techs go TDY and return to Ft Rucker, return to their home station, out-process as a WO1 and get PCS orders to their first WO assignment with TDY enrooted at the basic course. Family travel entitlements are to the first permanent duty station OCONUS techs PCS to their first WO assignment with TDY enrooted to Ft Rucker for WOCS and further TDY enrooted at their basic course before proceeding to their first WO assignment. Family travel entitlements are to the first permanent duty station Points about WOCS: Course is 6 weeks and 4 days which allows you a few days to get there and get ready for the course. Take care of personal matters before reporting to course. The WOCC website is mentioned on page 1 of your sample application and has very good information about the warrant officer corps and the WOCS such as packing lists, daily agenda, how to prepare, etc. Skill Enhancement Leadership Potential Self Discipline Attention to Detail Time Management Professional Development Leadership Communication Management Ethics

42 A Day in the Life of a Candidate
Wake Up First Formation PT Hygiene – Breakfast 1st Warrant Officer Company Academics Day is pretty much the same as any NCOES school Get to wear Groovy T-shirts – Candidate Leadership Designs and Implements Schedule To Accomplish Specified Tasks Lunch Academics Admin Dinner Lights Out

43 Final Notes Packet deadline: Posted on website, generally two months prior to board week. (Should be sooner if waivers are requested) Send your packet to USAREC “Electronically” ( Details on Website) Remove Certificates when ing Packets (Slows Processing) Verify your application status on line! 153A Applicants - Study for SIFT (Selection Instrument for Flight Training) QC your own packet (S-1, WO, SR WO, CO Commander) All the information you need is on our website. (Research) Packet Deadline posted on website – add additional time for waivers If you get your packet in on time w/out requiring waivers and error free – 100% your packet will go the board. Send packet via – detailed instructions on website You can check the status of your application online – link on our website You can only take the AFAST twice in life time and that is only if you failed it the first time – if you pass you are stuck with what ever score you have QC your packet!!!! Too many stupid mistakes on packets! Part of how we further define if someone is highly qualified or not is whether or not an applicant shows the motivation, diligence, and attention to detail to assemble a packet and get it to us on time. When you submit an application packet, Getting your application submitted, on time, to the right place, complete and error free is the goal. This is the first step in the selection process, if you don’t take the time to assemble and submit a packet, you can’t get selected.

44 Questions? If you have
Suggestions, Questions, or Advice please the Warrant Officer Recruiting Team at or visit our page on facebook

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