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ARMY STRONG Warrant Officer Program

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1 ARMY STRONG Warrant Officer Program
Army Reserve ARMY STRONG Warrant Officer Program 1

2 Warrant Officer Program
The Chief, Army Reserve is tasked with the Warrant Officer Accession Mission, which is to provide the Army Reserve with technically and tactically qualified candidates to support the Warrant Officer Corps. Our mission is to provide the active Army with technically and tactically qualified candidates to support the Warrant Officer Corps. The Warrant Recruiting team: NEXT SLIDE 3

3 Definition of a Warrant Officer
A Warrant Officer is: An officer appointed by warrant by the Secretary of the Army, based upon a sound level of technical and tactical competence. The warrant officer is the highly specialized expert and trainer who, by gaining progressive levels of expertise and leadership, operates, maintains, administers, and manages the Army’s equipment, support activities, or technical systems for an entire career. (Para 1-7 DA Pamphlet ) This slide shows the definition of a warrant officer. While you read the definition, I would like to note that for Aviators, the WO program is both a training and an appointment program. For Technicians, the WO program is primarily an appointment program. If you want to become an Aviator, the Army will train the necessary skills. If you want to become a Technician, you are already expected to have that sound level of technical and tactical competence addressed in the definition. Some of you might not be eligible for warrant officer because your MOS is not a feeder MOS or because you do not have the required experience. Keep this definition in mind as you prepare your application. 4

4 Warrant Officer Program
“Warrant Officers are highly specialized, single-track specialty officer who receive their authority from the Secretary of the Army upon their initial appointment. However, Title 10 USC authorizes the commission of warrant officer (WO1) upon promotion to chief warrant officer (CW2). These commissioned warrant officers are direct representatives of the President of the United States. They derive their authority from the same source as commissioned officer but remain specialists, in contrast to commissioned officers, who are generalists. Warrant officers can and command detachments, units, activities, and vessels as well as lead, coach, train, and counsel subordinates.”

5 What is a Warrant Officer
Technician What is a Warrant Officer A warrant officer is first and foremost a soldier just as you are. Must do all of things that soldiers do: PT, train, deploy, follow orders, etc. Additionally, WO is a Sr leader. Expected to perform under duress and supervise and lead soldiers and NCOs. WOs supervise, lead, rate, recommend for awards, ensure health and welfare of subordinates, etc. Lastly, the WO is a technician. Specialized training makes them an expert in their field. Specialist, highly trained, and expert are all common adjectives used to describe a WO. Warrant officers are by definition single tracked throughout their career and go to assignments where their technical expertise can be used. WOs are not double slotted and will not have another WO come and bump them from their slot as happens far too often to NCOs. Rank wise: Warrant officers fall between the highest enlisted rank, and the lowest officer rank. A WO1 outranks a SGM and a CW5 is outranked by a 2LT. However you would not see a SGM work for a WO1 just as you would not see a CW5 work for a 2LT. Soldier Leader 5

6 Technician Warrant Officer
WLC/PLDC graduate 4 - 6 years experience in the field applying SPC or higher Technician warrant officers work in maintenance, supply, MI, Signal, food service, etc. The criteria listed here for the technician is general and most MOSs have additional prerequisites; some may have less. The specific prerequisites are listed in our website that I will address later. DA goal is to select soldiers at 5-8 years of service. Overall, the TIS average has been 10 plus upon selection. Even though the goal is 5-8 years service, soldiers can apply without a waiver up to 12 years of active federal service. After 12 years of service a waiver is require and waivers are very difficult to get approved. Age limit of 46 is waiverable but rarely needed because most people have well over 12 years AFS by the time they reach age 46. Tech warrant officers help the WO field by telling young E-1 thru E-5 that are not yet eligible for the tech program, or do not have a feeder MOSs about the aviation program. Meet prerequisites as determined by WO proponent (Check the exact prerequisites for your WO MOS in our web site) Less than 46 years of age Technician Lets determine if that soldier is eligible and how he/she can apply NEXT SLIDE 7

7 Opportunities as a Warrant Officer
Training and education Higher pay Faster promotion potential Extended career opportunities Challenging assignments Why should you want to become a warrant officer? Over the next several slides I will talk about some of the opportunities you will have as a WO and provide some reasons why you should want to become a warrant officer. Opportunities will start about 4-6 months after you are selected and your first opportunity comes when you attend WOCS. The opportunity to excel. Opportunities range from training and education, to ability to stay in the Army much longer, faster and higher promotion potential, more pay for your increased level of responsibility, challenging and enriching assignments and other opportunities. 8

8 Warrant/NCO Base Pay Comparison

9 Army NCO & WO Promotion Comparison
120.00% 97% AV 99% Tech 90% AV 91% Tech 99% all 100.00% 80.00% 60.00% 40.00% 32.7% 14.8% 13.9% 20.00% 0.00% SFC MSG SGM CW2 CW3 CW4

10 Warrant Officer Promotions
Appointment 2 Years TIG 4-5 Years TIG 5-6 Years TIG Time in Grade to CW3/4/5 reduced one year Effective FY-06 Aviators require one year longer for senior grades

11 30 + Years as a WO if Promotion Gates Met 30 Years, Longer if Approved
Extended Career Path 30 + Years as a WO if Promotion Gates Met 30 Years, Longer if Approved 26 Years 24 Years 22 Years

12 Warrant Officer Career Center
Effective 1 January 2006, all candidates who have NOT attended PLDC/WLC will be required to attend the 6 week resident training at Ft. Rucker. Candidates who have attended WLC, PLDC or BNCOC and have finished the Distance Learning requirement, will attend the 4 weeks and 5 days resident course. No differentiation between NG/ AR/ AC soldiers

13 Pre-Appointment Training WOCS
You can expect to attend this school about 3 months after selection Train and educate warrant officer candidates, prepare them for branch specific training, and assess their potential for appointment to Warrant Officer One You formal education begins at WOCS, Ft Rucker AL. About two months after selection, you will receive a letter from DA WO accessions branch with assignment instructions to attend WOCS in another 2-4 months (total about 4-6 months after selection). Of course, the timing of the letter and the school can vary and you should contact your personnel office if two months have passed and you haven’t heard anything. Aviators PCS to Ft Rucker for WOCs and flight school and have family travel entitlements. Probably don’t want to move family until after WOCS. CONUS techs go TDY and return to Ft Rucker, return to their home station, outprocess as a WO1 and get PCS orders to their first WO assignment with TDY enroute at the basic course. Family travel entitlements are to the first permanent duty station OCONUS techs PCS to their first WO assignment with TDY enroute to Ft Rucker for WOCS and further TDY enroute at their basic course before proceeding to their first WO assignment. Family travel entitlements are to the first permanent duty station Points about WOCS: Course is 6 weeks and 4 days which allows you a few days to get there and get ready for the course. Take care of personal matters before reporting to course. The WOCC website is mentioned on page 1 of your sample application and has very good information about the warrant officer corps and the WOCS such as packing lists, daily agenda, how to prepare, etc. * Warrant Officer Career Center (WOCC), Fort Rucker, AL * Website: Leadership, Performance oriented Common core training 9

14 Warrant Officer Candidate School
Trains personnel in leadership, ethics, professional development, communicative arts, personnel management, military history, employment, tactics, support, structure of the Army, and common military training.

15 Warrant Officer Candidate School
Limited time Exacting standards Myriad of simple tasks Constant observation Structured environment WOCS creates a demanding environment Mental Physical Emotional The course tests your desire and will to become a WO. Purpose is to evaluate leadership potential by creating a stressful environment and evaluating your ability to perform. 3 primary WO qualities evaluated are 1) self-discipline, 2) attention to detail, and 3) time management. These are evaluated at WOCS because they are essential qualities to WO service. Evaluation is done by subjecting you to a high stress and physically, mentally, and emotionally intensive environment. The slide shows the number of ways this is done. You are provided very little time to accomplish all of the tasks directed by the TACS. You are also given very high and in some cases unobtainable standards to see how you will react. As you can see, you will have a lot of PT. PT is to ensure your fitness but also to stress your body and see how you manage. Also, on a daily basis you are worried about getting everything done on time and to standard. Is it a tough school? YES, but do most people make it through? YES. About 95% of the candidates graduate. Are you in the top 95% of your peer group? Are you as good as 95 out of 100 other soldiers? Then you should be able to graduate the course. Another way to look at this course: How long is BCT? Were you promoted after BCT. Did you get called sir/mam after completion? Great incentives for a small sacrifice. Long, full days Daily PT Motivational PT Anxiety of failure Restricted privileges Anxiety of the unexpected 10

16 A Day in the Life of a Candidate
Wake Up First Formation PT Hygiene Inspection Breakfast This slide just gives you an idea of how important time management is when you go through the WOCS. As you can see, you will be busy from 0535 in the morning until 2245 at night. Just look at the first item of each day. You can’t get out of bed before 0535, but you must be in formation by 0542, 7 minutes later. It is tough to do? Yes, at least for the first few days. After a week or so you will be out in formation in much less than 7 minutes just twiddling your thumbs waiting for the call of attention. Looks very challenging, but 95% of the candidates are up to the challenge and you would be too. A tough schedule but you only have to do it for 6 weeks. Academics Academics Lunch LAP – Leadership Assessment Program (LAP) Dinner – Candidate Leadership Designs and Implements Schedule To Accomplish Specified Tasks Lights Out 11

17 Warrant Officer Basic Course
WOBC prepares newly appointed officers for their first duty assignments and all subsequent assignments as W01s/CW2s. This course is proponent (branch) developed and administered to all warrant officers upon completion of Warrant Officer Candidate School. The course must be completed within two years of appointment. After WOCS, you are ready for your Warrant Officer Basic Course, otherwise known as WOBC. For aviators you will stay right at Ft Rucker for approx 39 weeks of flight training. For techs you will attend a course from several weeks to several months wherever your school house is located. The format for this school is much different than WOCs. Academics are much more important. You need to learn as much as possible about your new career path. Also, you are a WO1 at this point and of course treated a lot differently than in WOCS. After WOBC you are off to your first permanent assignment. Please be aware that the assignment history clock starts over again when appointed as WO. Branch may consider your last enlisted assignment just previous to appointment but needs of the army will prevail. 12

18 Warrant Officer Basic Course
Varies in length depending on MOS RC-configured courses in most MOSs Phase 1: correspondence courses Phase 2: 2 weeks of active duty attendance Some MOSs contain four phases Course dates are on ATRRS

19 Warrant Officer Basic Course
Provides MOS Technical and Tactical Certification Permanent Promotion to WO1 Signal Military Intelligence Ordnance Transportation Quartermaster Special Forces Judge Advocate Field Artillery Adjutant General Military Police Air Defense Artillery Aviation Engineer

20 Non-waiverable Criteria
US citizen GT score or higher High school graduate or GED Must have a Secret security clearance Can apply with an interim or continued access Secret clearance Pass Chapter 2 physical exam 21

21 The Application Process
WO Accession NCO will: Determine your basic and technical eligibility Assist you in completing your application Schedule your required Chapter 2 pre-commissioning physical Establish packet completion date Provide you with a sample packet Determine your clearance status Determine date for photo Assist you in completing your resume and requesting letters of recommendation

22 WO Accession Bonus Effective 25 Jan 2005 the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs authorized the Officer/Warrant Officer Accession Bonus for the Army Reserve. Purpose of the bonus is to attract qualified applicant to become commissioned and warrant officers and obtain a critical AOC/MOS in a Reserve unit for not less than 6 years from date of appointment Amount of bonus is $10, paid in one lump sum upon completion of WOBC.

23 WO Accession Bonus Eligibility
Successfully complete WOBC within 36 months of date of appointment WO who receive the Accession Bonus can not subsequently receive the Officer Accession Bonus as a commissioned officer Applicants must sign Bonus Agreement at time of signing the DA Form 61 and submits copy of DA 61 with Bonus Agreement and DA 1059 through unit upon completion of WOBC

24 Warrant Officer Program Support Team Your name Your phone Your e-mail address


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