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Personnel Proponency US Army Chemical School Green to Gold ROTC Hip Pocket Scholarships.

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1 Personnel Proponency US Army Chemical School Green to Gold ROTC Hip Pocket Scholarships

2 The Chemical Corps has been awarded three Scholarships for School Year 2008-2009. For detailed application information go to the ROTC website at

3 General Information Selected Soldiers continue to receiver their current pay and allowances May use Army College Fund /Montgomery GI Bill Normal PCS entitlements Military service obligation for a period of eight years (3 active, 5 National Guard or Army Reserve)

4 Eligibility US citizen Eligible for appointment as a commissioned officer (AR 135-100) Under 30 years old upon completion of requirements (Waivers authorized) Completed at least two years of active duty, but less than eight Recommended by Chain of Command 48 months remaining upon entering the program GT Score of 100 or higher (No waiver) GPA of 2.5 on all previous college work (No waiver) Passed the APFT (No alternate events) Have two years remaining (4 semesters/6 quarters) as a full time student

5 Eligibility (cont) Obtain an unconditional letter of acceptance for a university Obtain a letter of acceptance from the Professor of Military Science (PMS) Have a favorable or have initiated a National Agency Check (NAC) or Entrance NAC Be medically qualified IAW AR 40-501 Have no more than three dependents (Waiver authorized)

6 Ineligibility Have more than two years remaining for degree completion Less than 48 months remaining on current enlistment contract Ineligible for reenlistment Domestic Violence Conviction (misdemeanor) Probation for civil conviction Criminal conviction (waiver authorized, see MOI for details) Single parent with dependent(s) under 18 (No waiver) Spouse in a military component or any armed service with dependent(s) under 18 (Waiver authorized)

7 Application Packet Cadet Command Four 173-R, Active Duty Option Favorable recommendation from immediate commander and field grade commander Cadet Command For 103-R, Active Duty/Reserve/ROTC Scholarship Applicant Snapshot with Photograph in Class A uniform Statement of Eligibility - verify that Soldier is not pending UCMJ action, barred from reenlistment, or flagged Medical Examination Official transcripts of all colleges attended Letter of acceptance & letter from the PMS Planned Academic Program Worksheet, Cadet Command Form 104-R Evaluation of Transfer Credit

8 Application Packet (cont) Copy of waiver request Financial Statement, Cadet Command Form 228-R APFT Scorecard, DA form 705 Enlisted Records Brief Memorandum of Understanding

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