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Welcome to GSES 2013-2014 Introduction to Goldsmith-Schiffman Elementary School Our mission: “Goldsmith-Schiffman students soar to new heights and reach.

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1 Welcome to GSES 2013-2014 Introduction to Goldsmith-Schiffman Elementary School Our mission: “Goldsmith-Schiffman students soar to new heights and reach the gold standard” We follow the 4R’s…We are respectful, responsible, resourceful, and ready!

2 About GSES School Name- Goldsmith-Schiffman Elementary School (GSES) Grades Served- PK-5th School Colors- Navy and Tan School Mascot- Owl

3 Our New Principal Name- Mrs. Mason About- Mom, wife, lives in the community, very kind, and helpful, friendly What you should do- say hello, introduce yourself, ask questions, ask for help when needed. Her responsibilities- Keeping the school safe, Help with arrival/ dismissal, Solve problems, Complete office work, Ensure all students are learning Mrs. Mason expects … - you to make good choices. - you to follow the 4R’s. - you to follow the “Golden Rule”- - treat others the way you want to be treated.

4 Our Assistant Principal Name- Mr. McGlathery About- Husband, father, spiritual, likes basketball, friendly, kind, helpful What you should do- say hello, introduce yourself, ask questions, ask for help when needed. His responsibilities- Helps keep the school safe Assists students, parents, teachers, and Mrs. Mason Mr. McGlathery expects… - you to follow all school rules. - treat others with respect. - remember the 4R’s. - do not touch the light switches or objects on the walls around the building.

5 Our Reading Coach Name- Mrs. Shorter About- Teacher, Mother, Friendly, Helpful What you should do- Wave a silent hello in the hallway, be friendly. Her responsibilities- Offers students help with their learning Assists with STAR and DIBELS testing and classroom instruction Mrs. Shorter says… - always try your best. - it is ok to ask for help.

6 Our School Counselor Name- Mrs. Newman About- Wife, mother, friendly, kind, helpful, cares about every student What you should do- If you would like to talk to Mrs. Newman, ask permission from your teacher. Say a silent hello in the hallway. Ask questions. Her responsibilities- Teaches guidance classes bi-weekly Student Council, Peer Leaders and Flag Corps Parent Education Classes New Student groups, Small Groups and Individual Counseling, Mrs. Newman says… - she is your friend. - she wants you to be happy. - she wants to you to always try your best. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” - be nice to yourself and others.

7 Office Staff Name- Mrs. Elliott About- friendly, kind, helpful What you should do- smile, be friendly, introduce yourself Her responsibilities- Paperwork Answer the phones Attendance and student check-in/out Money collection Mrs. Elliott says… - use manners. - wait patiently for help at front office. - ask if you can use the office phone or if you have other questions.

8 Computer Technician Name- Mr. Phillips About- Friendly, funny, helpful, His responsibilities- Audio/Video and WOWL TV technician Laptop, iPad maintenance and other technology assistance Webmaster Mr. Phillips says… - take care of your computers. - no eating or drinking around your computer. - always carry your laptop in a case. - save your work often.

9 Media Specialist Name: Mrs. Hopkins About- mother, loves books, friendly, helpful Her responsibilities- Book check-in/ out Teaching you about the library Organizing and shelving books, ordering new library books Mrs. Hopkins says… -keep cooks clean, dry, and safe. -return your books on time. (PK-K: 1 week, 1st-5 th : 2 weeks) -have a pass from your teacher when visiting the library alone. -the library is open from 7:30 a.m.-2:45 p.m.

10 Our Cafeteria Staff Names- Mrs. Brewer, Mrs. Bearden and Mrs. Phillips About- Helpful, Friendly, Great Cooks! What you should do- Say hello, ask questions, call them by their names Responsibilities- Cooking our breakfasts and lunches Keeping the kitchen area clean The cafeteria says… - eat our delicious school lunches - you must have fruit & vegetables on your tray - learn your lunch number and practice at home - use manners and stay quiet in the lunch line

11 Our Custodial Staff Name- Mr. Burwell About- Father, kind, friendly, helpful What you should do- Do your part to help keep our school clean, say silent hello’s in the hallways, call him by name His responsibilities- Keeping the GSES campus clean Mr. Burwell says… - help keep the school clean. - clean around you area in class and cafeteria. - show respect. - once per month a class that has the cleanest cafeteria tables during the month will receive an ice cream party.

12 Nurse Name- Nurse Darlene About- mother, kind, helpful, friendly Responsibilities- Helping truly sick students Nurse Darlene says… - wash your hands or use sanitizer. - don’t put your hands on your eyes, ears, mouth, or nose. - cough and sneeze into your shoulder. - be safe on the playground and in P.E. - visit the school nurse only for serious illnesses. - if feeling sad or nervous visit the counselor.

13 Earthscope Earthscope, Huntsville City Schools' Environmental Education Program, was established in 1978 to offer field-based environmental experiences citywide for grades Kindergarten through Sixth. Born of volunteers' vision and dedication, nurtured by a broad base of community support, Earthscope has grown to become a comprehensive, locally funded, award winning education program. The Earthscope office is located at Goldsmith-Schiffman Elementary School. Each year Earthscope's staff instructs over 15,000 students in grades K-6 about environmental and historical concepts and issues with the goal of instilling a sense of community and stewardship in the minds of young people. In addition to the four full-time staff members, grants from the community enable Earthscope to contract an additional ten part-time instructors. Earthscope's mission statement: Connecting students to the natural world through purposeful field work and problem-based learning that empower them to become responsible stewards of the planet.

14 Our New Students Names- ???? Ask them their name About- Kind, friendly, want to make new friends Their responsibilities- get to know their teachers and classmates make friends learn about their new school What you can do- introduce yourself be kind be helpful be a friend!

15 Our New Friend Name- Mary About- 1 st grade student, likes playing games, racing in her power chair, riding her bike, playing iPad, coloring, drawing, and barbie dolls Responsibilities- school work, home work, playing, and having fun What you should do- say hello, talk to me, introduce yourself, be my friend, play with me Mary says… - I have a neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). - I do not have strong muscles like you do, but it doesn’t prevent me from doing many things and enjoying life. - I have never been able to sit up, crawl, or walk, and there are many things I can’t do by myself, but there are LOTS of things I CAN do! -I can get sick very easily, so please cover your coughs and wash your hands as much as possible. -I am glad to be at school with you and I want to be your friend.

16 Behavioral Expectations I am RESPECTFUL! I will… - use a quiet voice - listen - use kind words - use my hands and feet correctly - share the materials with my friends I am RESPONSIBLE! I will… - participate in all activities in class - keep up with my class - wait patiently while Mrs. Newman is helping others I am RESOURCEFUL! I will… - ask for permission before I get supplies - be helpful to others - be mindful of others in the counseling room - remind my friends to follow the rules I am READY! I will… -pay attention as instructions are given -follow directions the first time they were given -have a positive attitude -always do my best Go for the Gold- The GOLD STANDARD! The 4 R’s

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